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When I first watched High School Musical for the first time
Never did I think that I would be citing Vanessa Hudgens
As a style inspiration Just a few years later
I think her style has really evolved in the past few years
And I actually think that she is one of the few stars who gets it totally right
on the red carpet and off
She seems to just have a really laid back L.A vibe to her style
Just like she has kinda chucked on whatever she is wearing but it still looks awesome
I love the fact that she carries that over to the red carpet too
like I think some young stars dress too old at big events but I think she has got the right mix of keeping it young but still elegant
I also have total hair envy with her too!
What do you think
Are you lovin' or hatin' Vanessa style?


KATIA said...

I actually love her style. It goes from cute and done up to chill and relaxed. It's adorable :)

F Blog said...

I like her style too!

coco said...

I think she wears nice stuff and she is very pretty but I don't think she is very original. But I wouldn't call her badly dressed at all, I think maybe she is still finding a look that is all her own.

Anonymous said...

she always has great style.
i just gave you an award (: x

Hanako66 said...

she is so adorable...love her style

Fashionizzle said...

i was thinking this exact same thing the other day!! usually id just group her with the miley cyrus like stars but her style is actually really really good! :)


Boubou said...

bonjour !
its the first time i visit your blog and some images are so interesting and creative for me :)
ill be back for more later for sure:)
a bientot!
Boubouteatime xx