The View From The Outside

Images from Band Of Outsiders

Band Of Outsiders
Spring/Summer 09
If I could have any collection from any designer at this minute in time
It would be this one!
I just think that this is some of the coolest clothes I've seen in a while
Kirsten is wearing them so well too in the pictures
You know you could throw these clothes on and they would still look amazing!
It's official
I heart you Band Of Outsiders


Alyssa said...

She does wear all the outfits well, that's def her look. I'd like to see her in something a lil more leather and studded, cuz I think she could pull that off too! :)

KATIA said...

wow, I love the feel of the clothing/outfits. And well I can't get enough of Kirsten Dunst so that helped too haha

Beki said...

I love the use of all the white! It updates all of the looks.

coco said...

KIRSTEN!! She looks amazing in all these looks. I love it.

The Haute-Shopper said...

I think it's a great look. Very effortless chic. It's nice to see a collection that doesn't look so high maintenance and not like you tried too hard.

LittleMISS V. said...

All your photos are very interesting !

But , you never put photos of you , do you ?

Peace ; V
(Come &see my photos and style ! :))