Jacket-Topshop, Crop Top-American Apparel, Skirt-Handmade/designed by me, Shoes-H&M

Sorry for the whole no smiling thing in photo's
Don't know what happens to me
When a camera is pointed at my face I seem to like scowl or something!
I made this skirt, along with some other pieces,
last year for a little fashion show that I had been asked to put my designs into.
I just love this colour so much
It's like candyfloss!
I don't know what happened to the weather here
The temp. has like plummeted again so I had to bring out my trusted leather jacket
For heat!


Clara said...

thanks! i love your jacket! :]

suzie said...

oh i looove the skirt!

Alyssa said...

get it girrrrl!

Anonymous said...

the skirt is really awesome