Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams

All Images from The Cassette Society
So last time I featured this brand it was to showcase their Winter 09 Collection
This time It's their summer o9 collection
I think I might even like this one more than the last
I'm such a sucker for some feathers and stonewashed denim
The Cassette Society manage to appeal to my crazy love for the 80's
with their throwback pieces
I mean, come one how can I resist a velvet hoodie and dress
It's too amazing!


Wendy-May said...

i'm with you, i love the 80s. the other day i was thinking i dont pay homage to it another x

yiqin; said...

The acid wash skirt is brilliant.

KATIA said...

hilary duff song, I actually love it though :P
And the dresses here are fabulous, well everything else is too but I love dresses :)

F Blog said...

Woah! I think I love every piece here!

coco said...

Haha love the title, reminds me of Laguna Beach.
Adore the black long dress, so chic.

fritha louise said...

I'd never heard of the label before but now I'm glad I have, it's all amazing! Thanks for posting!

lucille said...

lovee these images !!!

Hanako66 said...

I want it all!!!