Jeremy Scott For Adidas

All images From Google Images
If you have been following this blog you'll already know that I love Jeremy Scott
So when I heard he was doing a collab. with Adidas
I couldn't wait to see the end results
And he didn't disappoint!
I don't own any sportswear, I've just never been a fan
But I think Mr Scott has managed to convert me (Slightly)
I love the whole collection but my fave is
The hoodie-seriously are there any words to describe the amazingness?
A Tail, Claws, Ears, It is just too Awesome
Also the gold winged sneaker-
It's just too cool,right?
Do any of you have any pieces-are they as Amazing in real life?


lucille said...

I love the tiger jacket !!

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History said...

Great pictures!

KATIA said...

I'm suddenly intrested in sportswear. And let me tell you that does not happen often.. at all.

Oh So Hip It Hurts said...

oh i love that leopard hoddie..its awesome! i think i saw cory kennedy wearing it for a nylon shoot in a recent issue. i want one!


F Blog said...

this is actually amazing. the hoodie and the sneakers are my favs i think! definetly the hoodie.. wow!

xs said...

did he make any baby items? i bet that little cheetah hoodie would look adorable on a bebe.

Anonymous said...

i love the prints. i agree with xs!

The Haute-Shopper said...

What an awesome collection! Like you, I'm not really a sportswear type of girl, but this is so temtping. That leopard hoodie is adorable. I do love Jeremy Scott and his collaborations have been pretty cool. I also loved the one he did for the Barbie anniversary.

Wendy-May said...

i agree with xs, when i saw the hoodie i thought it would was cute! gives a whole new meaning to sportswear x

Meg and Komie said...

WHOAAAAAAAA this is AWESOME!!!!!!! That hoodie is def fierce along with that fringe dress...cobrasnake has pictures up of the winged sneaker in one of his posts =)

miky said...

heheh that is lovleyyyyyyyy i ehant it!!