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All Images From Bebaroque's Website
These tights are from a Scottish company called Bebaroque
They make all kinds of hosiery such as stockings,tights, socks etc.
And they make them extra fabulous by screen Printing on them or adding
beautiful embellishments!
I know they are only tights but I think they are like little works of art
They could totally turn an outfit around
They are all individually handmade
So they are quite expensive but I suppose you would be able to keep them forever
As long as you didn't ladder them (Which I would Probably do,Ha Ha!)
Check them out here


Rosanna said...

i'm loving the one with the fringe!!!


frances said...

i love the fringed ones too, so pricey though! x

thischicksgotstyle said...

Thank you for your sweet comment!
The first ones are just amazing!!

Sydnie said...

Those tights are just fabulous!


xs said...

oooh la la. i can see why they're so expensive!

Vintage Tea said...

Love their tights! They are so amazing and unique!

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Marian said...

they amke the most fanciful tights, i love the fringed ones!
muah x

clairegrenade said...

i'm drooling on my keyboard

Oh So Hip It Hurts said...

oooh these are interesting! very cool!


Hanako66 said...

those are amazing!