All Images From Acne Website
I had always kinda known Acne for their jeans
But I also found out they do some beautiful clothing too!
I love their thin knits
They look really luxurious, and classic
I Know I have included one piece from the menswear collection
But i couldn't resist, It's such a awesome jumper
I Really, Really want one
So not only am I lusting after Acne's fab jeans
I now want all their clothes too!
Men's and women's!
Check out all the collections here
Oh did yous all watch Eurovision last night?
Totally the funniest ,campest TV show on earth,Amazing!
I had a Eurovision party, we had Lot's of fun,
We all put a little bet on who would win, I chose Norway
So I won the bet
I got a grand total of £5,I did say it was only a wee bet,Ha Ha!
Congrats Norway!


Marian said...

congrats to Norway on winning eurovision.Acne just make the best simple pieces. I love every piece. the wash of the denim shirt is so perfect.
muah x

KATIA said...

loving it! :)
You always find the greatest clothing!

Anonymous said...

I like the last photo. So simple. Hm..I don't know exactly what Eurovision is but I've been reading about it in a lot of blogs today.

mavric said...

i want it all!
I've only known acne for their jeans but good to know that they have other great pieces.

Anonymous said...

wow, i haven't heard of the brand before. i love the leggings/pants.