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Spring 09 LNA

All Images From LNA
I just adore this collection
I think LNA is one of those brands
That I seriously could see myself wearing every piece they have
I think they have the perfect basics
I have wanted their boyfriend style t-shirt ever since it launched
I think I am definitely going to save up and buy one now after looking through their Lookbook
I love these pics too
I just think they capture the whole vibe of the brand great and really make you want all the clothes!
If like me you now want every piece of clothing in these pics then head over HERE to buy some


Kharas said...

thanks for the comment, deleted the post to edit it befor i got it so your comment doesnt show :( but thanks anyways, liking your blog. Niiice.

KATIA said...

Aw, I love rich colors in the clothing. And the pictures themselves are super cute :)

Anonymous said...

Really like the pictures - more than the clothes actually - a bit too sporty for me although very nice basics you're right. So natural and real, liking the couple idea too..
Your picture selection is brilliant Miss! x

dapper kid said...

Simple, but oh so amazing! And I looove the range of colours :)

Anonymous said...

oh i love the clothes!
i'm going through a weird phase of loving v necks. haha


yiqin; said...

Some of them are really good!

Janelle said...

what a fun campaign! I am in lust with those white leggings with the black zipper finish. And that yellow 'tube is so adorable. I agree, this collection/brand is delightful

Marian said...

loving all thpse zippered pieces honey! the collection is so easy and effortless.
muah x

Austere said...

I love the casual look and fun colors. The pictures really sell the clothes. Great feature.

coco said...

I adore the pink dresses. Especially the maxi one.

Alyssa said...

I would wear it all too! Love the photo layout!