The Cassette Tapes

Images from The Cassette Society
The Cassette Society
I think this is a really lovely collection
Some great pieces
I really like the relaxed styling too!
I've really got a thing at the moment for kinda
Grungy/throw on with anything clothes
Like yesterdays Band Of Outsiders post.
This collection makes me wanna go rip holes in my tights and wear a bowler hat
p.s awesome name for a clothing line, right?-"The Cassette Society"


Pamela said...

I need a hat. They're just so cool. The whole collection is though.

KATIA said...

Ouh, I love all the different types of denim things, and well the hat is pretty great too :)

Alyssa said...

The throw-anything-on look is working for me too! Besides the fact that I've being doing it for years, I really do like the more chic versions. :)

Oh So Hip It Hurts said...

oooh i like i like! they have alot of great pieces here.


Francheska said...

Oh wow this is amazing!
And thank you for your comment! :)

feather hunter said...

i love that black lace dress, kinda reminds me of the balmain one! yer i made the earrings myself if you want a pair just give me a shout. i'll try do a post on just them if my camera decides to stop hatting on me

Anonymous said...

thanks for the comment (:

i LOVE these outfits!
great blog you have x

Fashionaphylactic. said...

Why when I get ladders in my tights do I not look this good? :(
Thank you for reading my blog and leaving a comment :)
Kate ♥