Can you Feel The Love?

Images from Google Images
Out of every time period, I have always found the 1960's
to be the most inspiring to me Fashion wise
I don't think any other event could sum up the feel of the 60's better than Woodstock
Everyone was there for the Peace, Love and Rock'n'Roll
And as much as I think festival these days are great-
Seeing so many bands you love in the same place
I just think they seem to have lost some of that crazy sparkle that Woodstock had.
I love in these pics how some of the people just seem to have this awesome style
And they don't even know it, They are just too busy feeling the love to care!


Janelle said...

I completely agree with you darl. right on post. the 60s are my favourite era too, something about the unity and trippy atmosphere of society has a huge spot in my heart. Plus the music was incredible, fab selection on the woodstock photos too. love your blog x

Anonymous said...

I always feel connected to the 60's and 70's 'cos that's when my parents were teenagers and I'm a teenager right now. It's nice to see how their culture and compare it to the new generation. Woodstock is definitely one of a kind.

coco said...

Great images.

Susan said...

I don't think anything like this would happen these days, it looked amazing.

Young Damsel said...

oh baby! woodstock = life!
like, wow. old school rock n' roll, hippies, HENDRIX!
can't get better than that!

and oh yes! seth cohen is god.


Anonymous said...

one of my favorite eras. I would have loved to been born around that period. Fashion was just free

I love your blog! its very fun!



pistolwhipped said...

totally agree
love the topless free spirit! ha