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H&M Designers Against AIDS
This is the second collection H&M has done with this foundation
Each Celeb has designed their own T-shirt for the cause
There are a few other celebs who are taking part too,
but I couldn't find the images of their T's to put up
For each design sold 25% of the profit goes to various HIV/AIDS Charities
I think some of the designs are ok, I would consider getting one but only because of the great cause, Not the design.
I sometimes think that they go for the shock factor with these charity T's
which I totally understand
But i wonder if there was just a pretty design on them maybe more would be sold
Which would mean more for the charity, Right?
What do you think, From a fashion point of view -
Do you think it's better to have a really bold statement on the front
and possibly not sell as much but make more of a statement and get the point across
or have a more generic T and sell more, making more money for the charity but then not getting as much exposure for the cause?
Although I suppose the whole point of this is not really about fashion but raising money
And awareness
For a really important cause
So, will you be getting one of these designs?


LittleMISS V. said...

Love those photos ! I've seen them a few weeks ago on and they are amazing ! ♥

Peace ; V
(Come &see my photos and style ! :))

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i think Dita von Teese does it best! so cute!

Anonymous said...

Charity-wise I would try to make more money and not get so much publicity for it than not sell anything at all with big bold statements. It's hard to choose =). But the purpose should be met in the end, I guess

feather hunter said...

defiantly dita!xxx

Charmaine said...

i like the shirt robyn's wearing!!

coco said...

Dita is so cool.

Fashionaphylactic. said...

I've just scheduled a blog on this haha! :) I love the tees, I need Ditas and Katys loads :)
Love your blog!

Janelle said...

I think all of these artists collaborated with a talented designer to successfully pull a design enough to reach awareness, donate to charity and make money. I think it's clever they do this, but I do think that the majority of the consumers will buy it for its design.