My Top 5

Gypsy 05
I have loved this label for a while now
I just think there dresses look like the most comfortable clothing ever
This is my fave dress of there's
I think it sold out
But they are bringing it back soon
The colour is amazing with the tie-dye effect going on
Also the dress is called Emma
My name is Emma
So I kinda think that this is fate's way of bringing us together
I have to have it, right?
Check them out at

This is the turbo boot from Chinese Laundry
I first saw Vanessa Hudgens wearing them and just had to check them out
They look so pretty on her
And exactly like the slouchy flat boot i was looking for
But they kinda look ugly in this photo
Like really long and with a weird wedge
But maybe it's just a bad angle?
Also i don't think anywhere in the UK sells them
and the websites that I've found them on don't ship to the UK
Which is a shame because i do think they are pretty
(just not in pictures,ha ha)
Check out Chinese Laundry here

This Shirt is from Cheap Monday via ASOS
I was really drawn to it
Don't really know why because its just a simple shirt
But i really like the cut
And i think it's pretty!
See it here

This T is from Urban Outfitters
There is something kinda mystical about it
I think the slouchy cut is nice too
I could totally see me wearing this in the summer
Check it out here

I LOVE these so much
They are from Urban Outfitters
I know i could just do this myself with some old leggings
But there is something so cool about these one's
I think it's because they look kinda old and worn in!
Urban Outfitters is one of my favourite shops ever
I never fail to see at least 10 things i want when i go in
See them here


Clara said...

i love the boots!!

Alyssa said...

I remember in high school when people would wear wolf t-shirts, with like high waters, and some dirty sneakers... it was so uncool then. But I like the reinvented slouchy one, I'd wear it!

Anonymous said...

Love the Chinese Laundry boots! I have 2 pairs, grey & black. They look better in person tho, :) & You can fold down the top part of it, I do that sometimes, or i can kind of slouch them down depending on the jeans I'm wearing. Hope they work out for you!

Kim H said...