My Top 5

Topshop Shoes
I saw these shoes in a magazine yesterday
I love them
You know when you see something and you like just HAVE to have it
That's how i feel about these
I have searched all of topshop's website though and i can't find them anywhere
It's really weird maybe they are not on sale yet?

ASOS Jeggings
Jeggings - such an awful word
But i love these, they are so pretty
And a little bit cath Kidston?
I think ASOS is amazing at the moment, i am loving so much stuff from there.

RARE dress
It was my first time on Rare's website today
I think there is some really great stuff on there
And if you like the Saturdays then you can basically buy there whole wardrobe there!
I thought this dress was perfect for summer
The colour is so pretty!

RARE Shirt/Dress
I really like this
I really wanted the one from AA
But it was so expensive for a shirt
But i think this one is quite similar
But less expensive

5PREVIEW - T-Shirt
I want this t-shirt so badly
But it's sold out
I really want them to put more up
It is like the perfect T-Shirt
If you haven't already you should check out the blog and the store
because they are selling some pretty cool things!


Alyssa said...

Very pretty things, I saw those shoes recently too... but I don't remember where.
I like all the tops! I'll have to check out those stores for sure.
PS- Thank you for reading and commenting the mini-nterview. :)

kelse said...

loooove the shirt dress, pretty exciting to be able to get away with a shirt as a dress these days x

Lori said...

i love that t-shirt and the cage heels!

Beki said...

The heels are really awesome, great blog!

Maverick Malone said...

I really love those topshop shoes!!

xox, mavi

Jule said...

very gorgeous! i like the dresses! :)

Silvie said...

you posted such great outfits that made my day!
i love the pants!
great blog :) Maegan said...

I actually like those better than the YSL ones. fab.