House Of Harlow 1960

Nicole Richie's Promo pic's for House Of Harlow 1960
I love all the jewellery from her line
But I think these are my favourites

How amazing is that headband!

All the range is available from Kitson

Images from google Images


Enep said...

yea, amazing. she's very gorgeous too!


modern antoinette said...

Wow Those pictures are amazing...they really do sell the product by themselves!!! I love theheadband and the necklace she is wearring in the last picture from the kitson launch.

Take Care

Alyssa said...

No problem, the links for Rue La La and Gilt Groupe are also on my site (right side) if you haven't already joined those... just use my email for access.
I really love the red and gold bangle. You're right, the jewelry is amazing!

feather hunter said...

those photos are awesome! im loving that headband might have to hunt one down xxx

Lluviaschick said...

can't believe she has become a designer... i really hate celebs trying to design.... come on!!! you need to have knowledge and they dont! they jusst ut theirnames on the line..but the jewelry is really cute