"Because I'm Chuck Bass"

I heart Gossip Girl
The clothes the cast wear are so fabulous
They are all styled to perfection
I love Serena and Blair's style
I love the fact that they are such a contrast to each other style wise and personality wise
But seriously we all know who the fiercest of them all is
Mr Chuck Bass
"Don't mock the scarf, Nathaniel. It's my signature."

I Genuinely think chuck is one of the best TV characters EVER!

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Alyssa said...

I was in the gas station today and I saw B and S on the cover of Rolling Stone sharing an ice cream cone! Thanks for post the rest of the pics! :)

Maverick said...

Omg. Yes yes yes. This is like...drool worthy. Chuck Bass is, without a DOUBT, one of the BEST tv characters ever!! He's so fabulous, I love him and I want him!!! haha, i go totally crazy for chuck bass.

xoxo, mavi

Nancy said...

chuck bass is hot i love his character but i love him and blair more they make such an awesome couple im glad he finally stopped playing games and told her he loved her now they can be happy together..hopefully lol

dulCe_P.L said...

omg!! i love chuck he's really hot and sexy his face is so provocative.
he and blair it's the perfect couple because both are so sexy chuck is one of the best hotties tv characters ! :D