Ashish Spring/Summer 2009
I think that Ashish has some of the most perfect clothes
They are actually wearable
But they are still super special looking
I love the fact that most of the pieces have sequins on them
But they still manage to look cool
And not like they have fallen out of the 1980's
I can't decide what I like better the fringed sweater or sequined/fringed crop top
How awesome are the boots
I think that all boots should come with wings!

Ashish by Tatty Devine

This is like THE most amazing ring

And it's only £22



Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

Love the fringe sweater in the first pic.
Dress in the second.
Fringe top in the fifth.
And those boots!

Anonymous said...

Those shoes look cool!

RbelYell said...

thanks for the comment/ i wish my boots had wings

syd vicious said...

Great collection! I am in love with that fringe crop top! :)

Stompface said...

yes yes I love ashish!


coco said...

I love the fringing. And the prints are really cool too.

Anonymous said...

some great items!

Clara said...

the shoes *-------* i need!

feather hunter said...

fringe sweater please be mine. and i would love some wings on my shoes, what a clever idea! xxx

angie said...

i love all this stuff...great post!

Anonymous said...

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