70'S Style

Wearing primark top, George cardigan, Topshop Jeans

This is like only the 2nd time I've ever wore these jeans and I've had them for ages

It's weird I don't know why i haven't worn them more

i think it's because I'm so used to wearing a skinny or drainpipe jean ,

I just don't feel right in them, but i wanted a bit of a change

so i thought i would give them another go

but i don't think they have convinced me to give up my skinnies just yet!

The sun is still shining which is great

but I'm starting to think that two full days of sunshine = two weeks of snow or something.

Its' not unheard of here to get all four seasons in one day,haha!

I think I'm going shopping tomorrow

So hopefully I'll have some pretty things to show yous

Song Of The Day- The Maccabees-No kind Words-Awesome song and Pretty cool video too,But i think that's just coz' Mat Horne's in it,HaHa!


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