I've Got A Confession.....

It has been my hidden secret for years,but i feel like now is the right time to come clean
Today I watched It for like 3 hours straight
Is that wrong?
I don't even live in America
So i can't even vote!
I love how uber dramatic it is
With all the dimming of the lights!
And you've got to love Ryan, right?
He is so wrong he is right!
I'm loving this season, I've got my faves already!

I think she sounds like she is British when she sings,she's really kooky and fun!

I love him, I think he sounds like Justin Timberlake

His voice is A-Mazing

Images from google images and the offical American Idol Website http://www.americanidol.com

Seriously though how fabulous is he!
He voice is ridiculously amazing
and i love the whole dramatic over the top Broadway vibe!

My favourite part of the whole show though was Kanye West, how fierce did he look in his double denim, high tops and gold bangles, the man is a freaking genius!