Golden Girl

Top from primark, skirt from American apparel,converse sneakers, Urban outfitters headband

I am wearing so much gold accessories here i feel like Mr T
I just cant get enough of it, It must still be the Rachel Zoe influence
I felt i wanted to go a bit casual today so i just chucked on my converse
I've had this pair since i was about 12 but i just cant really let them go
I do want a cream/white pair though
I took the belt out of this top and it left all these holes along the bottom but i kinda like them
It's like taking baby steps to doing a full on Wang style jumper!


Laroux said...

I'm loving the Alexander Wang inspired jumper, and I'm feeling that Mr.T vibe! Great golden headband


Alice X said...

i loove it, so cute:) the headdress is tops too.

Emily said...

Love the sweater, and the headband. And don't worry, you're not blingin it TOO much haha! And chucks are pretty much the only shoes I wear besides flops =)

Krystal said...

i love everything with converse, well done x