7 October 2015

Flannel Shirt + Jeans



Shirt - H&M
Jeans - New Look
Shoes - Office (They are in the sale for £25 just now)
Just another simple outfit today.  I am really loving just effortless dressing at the moment.  I feel at my most 'me' when I'm wearing a paired down style with minimal accessories, I just feel so relaxed but still like I've made an effort, if you know what I mean?

This is another new purchase from H&M, a flannel shirt.  I know it doesn't really look flannel but it is, a super thin light-weight flannel but it still does have that lovely flannel-y brushed feeling that I just love in shirts.  I am obsessed by shirts at the moment, I am wearing them constantly and I was so impressed by this one, most of my shirts are either denim or full on plaid but I liked how this one was a bit different and could totally be a bit more dressy too depending what you wear it with.

I wore it tucked in and out in the photos above just so you could see the length and shape of it in case you were looking for a new shirt.  I normally always wear my shirts half tucked in but I quite like this one just hanging down as well, I think it gives it more of a relaxed vibe.

I think this shirt will look perfect with a leather jacket slung over it now that its coming into the colder months too and a big ole' scarf wrapped around it as well!

Hope your all having a lovely day!

P.S Sorry about the kinda grainy photos , don't know what happened there!

5 October 2015

The Sartorialist X Book Review

"Scott Schuman is back to complete his trilogy of street-style bibles. With a vibrant collection of beautiful images of the men and women who have caught his attention around the world, Schuman remains a thrilling source of urban and high-end style. From its origins on the streets of New York, his much-loved blog, thesartorialist.com is a vivid and growing hub of inspiration for fashion lovers everywhere.
This collection displays the very best from the last three years of the blog. The Sartorialist: X is full of beauty, mystery and humanity."

I love books.  I'm pretty sure if you've been reading this blog for a little while you'll know that.  I think every book that means something to you or affected you in some way is special, I really do but you know that feeling you get when a really special book comes along and you want to squeal a little, well that's what I did when I opened my mail and this books fell out.

Aside from a book lover I am also a font and paper lover, I know, I know, I should stop listing all my super cool personality traits or you'll all just get so jealous of my coolness hehe.  Anyway I am and the first thing that I noticed as soon as I held this book was it just feels lux, you know.  The paper is so thick and shiny and it has that expensive feel to it. The book itself is really heavy and thick in width but small in height.  It really feels like such a treat to hold and look through.

I am a massive fan of The Sartorialist, I mean who isn't right? I have spent many an hour scrolling through the pages of his blog and this book is no different to that.  It is jam-packed full of the most stunningly beautiful images of people from all over the world that he has taken a picture of.  In between the photos his words are peppered throughout to give you some context to which the photos were taken or his thoughts on certain things which I just adore, I am always wanting to know the behind the scene things from books like this and he provides exactly that but this 100% stays true to being a photography book first and foremost and the words really do take a back seat.

Scott took the photos featured in the book in New York, London, Milan, Peru, Bali, India and Bhutan which gives the most amazing diverse and array of people and style and I love that you never know what, who or where you'll see when you turn the page.  I have to say though I just can not get over all the Italian pictures they are by far my favourites, I just think Italian men and women (although especially the men, just putting it out there) have the most classic and effortless style and its just displayed beautifully in this book.

I found myself desperate to rummage through my wardrobe after reading/looking through this book.  I feel beyond inspired by the images, the clothes and the people and just had an overwhelming urge to play dress up after I'd finished the book.

I really think this is such a stunning book in every sense of the word.  You all know I love a coffee-table book and this is going to take pride of place over the others that I have at the moment.  It's a book you will want to have on display and anyone who comes through your home will want to have a peek inside.  I also think this would be the most perfect gift for someone as it just feels so special.

You can buy it here on Amazon.
Let me know what you think and if you are a big fan of The Sartorialist too?

P.S. I was kindly sent this by Penguin to consider for a review so I just want to give a massive shout out and thanks to them.  I know I never normally do this when publishers send me books, you know I always just star* a book if I end up featuring it and I got sent it (you can peek at my disclaimer at the side to read more) and I know you guys know I only ever feature stuff I love on here and there has been tons of stuff that I've declined receiving as I just didn't think it would be a good fit for my blog and I am always so honoured and grateful when publishers get in touch about my blog but I just wanted to write this little bit here because as geeky as it sounds (there I go with my coolness factor again) I was so excited and overwhelmed to receive this from Penguin, since childhood their books have meant so much to me and probably most of you reading this and to see that little penguin sign fall through my mail box just felt awesome. My absolute dream is to have a shelf full of their orange classics! It makes me so happy that because of my blog I get to experience so many cool things and as small as this may be to someone else having one of your favourite publishing houses recognise your blog is pretty damn cool!

1 October 2015

Grey Sweater

Sweater - H&M
Jeans - New Look
Shoes - Converse (They are in the sale for £25 just now)

Ah this is my favourite type of outfit, so simple and comfy but I just feel it's so 'me', you know what I mean?  I love when you've got an outfit that just feels so comfortable and it makes you feel nice wearing it and that's exactly what I felt when I had this on.

I have wanted a sweater like this in this colour for so long.  I used to love those 'fruit of the loom' jumpers everyone used to wear years and years ago, I loved the colour of them and the fit and when I saw this from H&M I thought it looked so similar.

I'm super happy I bought it as it is so pretty.  It's probably my favourite ever sweater, it feels so soft and it's all fleecy inside and the fit is just so lovely!
I tried to take a close up shot to show you what the colour is like as in some of the photos it looks white but its a really light grey marl.

I'm really loving H&M at the moment, they have so many nice things in, I bought another shirt from them that I can't wait to show you all too!

Hope you are all having a lovely week so far and that you are all getting the lovely warm sunshine that we are having here too.

28 September 2015

Songs That May or May Not Change Your Life

It's Monday, it's pretty cold outside, most of us are probably pretty tired from staying up late to see a moon that was meant to be crazy awesome but actually turned out to just look like a freaking full moon, we need something to brighten up our day....

Well here it is, step forward Swedish singer and my new favourite popstar (seriously youtube her music, insanely catchy pop songs) Zara Larsson and the amazing MNEK who have produced my favourite song of the year so far, I know, I  know, big statement guys but I'm standing by my words.

Press play and turn your volume loud, but be warned this song features possibly the best dance break/drop that will make you want to shake ya thang...

Enjoy and let me know what you think?

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25 September 2015

Rimmel Apocalips Matte Lip Lacquer


Rimmel London - Apocalips Matte Lip Lacquer in Atomic Rose £6.46 from Boots

Just wanted to do a quick post on this Rimmel lipstick.
I know that everyone who is anyone tried these when they first came out but being the rebel that I am I have only gotten around to picking one up lately.  Feel Unique had a big sale on and I really wanted to try this colour so I picked it up in the sale and thought I would give it a wee go.

It's weird because lip colours never really look the same on me as they do on other people.  I think it might be because I'm super pale, this looks much more 'kylie Jenner' on most other people who I have seen wearing it but on me its more peachy which is strange but I really love the colour.  It's super pigmented, I was really impressed by that and it goes on so smooth and it really does give a velvet texture to your lips.  Staying power is ok, it definitely doesn't stain your lips or 'stick' to them like some other lip products that are new on the market do.  Its super easy to wear and think its a really strong colour for the price and overall I'm really impressed by the quality.

It's made me want to try some other colours from Rimmel now, let me know any you think I should pick up?
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