3 March 2015

MAC Fix+ Setting Spray Review

Make-up setting sprays have been around for such a long time with new versions popping up all over the place but to be honest with you I was never that convinced by them.
I have skin that tends to be on the drier side so I've never really had a problem with my make-up sliding or moving on my face so I never really thought it would be of any use to me.
Then I started to use my YSL touché éclat foundation (which I am in LOVE with) but because its so super luminous it naturally doesn't last as long as a matte foundation so I started to look into setting sprays to see if maybe they would help make it last a little longer on my face.

There are tons out there and I heard a lot of good reviews about a couple of them but nearly all of the ones I looked at only set your make-up which is fine but when I stumbled upon the Mac Fix+ reviews I knew I had to have it in my life.

I am so glad I went for this one and I can't tell you how wrong I was about setting sprays, well this one at least.  It does so much more than set your make-up so here are a few things that I use mine for-

1.  Um..setting my make-up - Ok, so this is pretty obvious  but I wanted to mention it because it really does set my make up great.  Nothing moves (although, as I said above I never really had a problem with that anyway so I don't know how much I can judge that aspect of it?) but it really has extended the wear time of my foundation.  If you wear a really dewy foundation too then I can't recommend this enough.

2.  Prep my skin before make-up - I've found that putting a thin mist of this on my face before I apply any make-up helps my skin from becoming too dry and helps my make-up just look that bit better and more flawless.

3.  To give me a dewy glow- So if I'm being honest this was the main reason I was convinced to buy this product.  After watching so many YouTube tutorial where girls would use this to make their make-up really dewy and highlighted it just looked so amazing, I knew I had to try it!  I am a bit obsessed with the whole highlighted, glowing skin look so when I tried this and it just gave my face a sort of luminous glow I was so happy.  It really does make a difference to how awake you look. If you are a fan of that healthy glow look then I would say you need this in your collection.

4.  To intensify eyeshadows - I have been spraying a little bit of the Fix+ on my eyeshadow brush before applying the shadow to my lids as it really helps make the pigment stronger and obviously helps keep the eyeshadow in place longer.  I used to always just add a little water to my brush to do this before but I notice how much stronger the effect is using the Fix+

5.  To dilute a base - If your wanting a lighter coverage of foundation/BB cream/tinted moisturiser whatever it may be, just add a little bit of this to your product and it thins it out a little to give you a lighter, more natural base.

6.  On it's own - When I'm not wearing any make-up I just apply my moisturiser and then spray a little bit of this over the top to make my skin look fresh and glowy and it really does make your skin look lovely.

7.  To refresh during the day - If you've been out all day and your make-up is starting to cake or just looks cracked and old then spray this a little and it brings it alive again.  You can take a brush and even rebuff your make up again to bring it all together and rejuvenate it.

So there is my verdict on Fix+, I am such a massive fan and wished that I had looked into setting sprays ages ago rather than passing them off as a bit of a fad as I have completely fell in love with this one.

Are you a fan of setting sprays? Which one is your favourite?

You can buy this one from MAC for £15.00 or try the travel size here for only £10.00

2 March 2015

Songs That May or May Not Change Your Life

Mo Evans is a singer/songwriter who has a pretty beautiful voice and writes songs, that thankfully are very good. 

Other possible (useful?) information I have found is he seems to be Scottish and a little bit English too.  That's the limit of my knowledge but going by the vibe of his EP, I'm sort of thinking we will probably all know him more soon, right?

Anyway, this song is some kind of wonderful and I think you might really love it too. 
Let me know what you think....?

You can keep up to date with Mo on his twitter HERE

27 February 2015

I Heart Kate Spade

Ah Kate Spade, queen of all stationery.
I am slightly obsessed with every single one of her products to be honest, I haven't came across anything from her line that I haven't fallen in love with yet.
Everything just seems so luxe and special which is what I think stationery should be. Ever since I was wee I could spend hours and hours just browsing up and down the stationery aisle in WH Smith, it was the only thing about starting school that I used to like, getting to buy new pens and pencil cases!

Mix my love for KS and my other love of having things with my name on it (seriously, I've never gotten over those novelty key-rings and pens that you used to get on school trips that have your name-meaning on them, I used to have to buy them all!) I was over-joyed when I spotted this super special Kate Spade notebook version of Jane Austen's Emma book cover.  I just don't think I will ever get over the thrill of seeing my name on things especially not on something so pretty, so I knew it had to be mine.

It is honestly the prettiest notebook I've ever had and I'm not going to lie I have refused to write in it yet so I don't ruin it (I know, I know, so totally against the point haha) but I sort of want to pull the front and back cover off and frame them because of how lovely they are!

Are you a fan of Kate Spade? I have got my eye on all her acrylic stuff next, so beeeautiful!

You can buy this notebook HERE for £14.95

26 February 2015

The Perfect Eyelash Curler

Eyelash curlers are one of my desert island must-haves.
I still can quite get my head around why everyone doesn't use them. 
They make such a massive difference to your lashes and open up your eyes so much and make them seem so much more alert and awake.
Even when I'm not wearing mascara I always make sure to curl my lashes as I think it just makes you look so much better.
I have used boots own brand eyelash curlers since I was about 13, they last for so long and have a great shape to them but unfortunately they changed the head of the curler a few years ago to a less curled shape and I've just never felt like they curled my eyelashes right after that.
I have been on the hunt for a perfect pair ever since and have never had any luck until I came across these beauties.
First can I just say, how pretty is the gold....ah love it!
And secondly they are just amazing.  I am so happy I found them, they are made by Ted Baker and I just love them.
The thing that sets apart a good from a bad eyelash curler is how much of a curve the top of the curler has, the more of a curve, the more of your lashes it will catch and curl and open your eyes up more.
Also the pad of the curler is important too, if its too soft it will just slice your lashes and if its too hard you will barely make a dent in your lashes.
This one has the perfect curve and the perfect pad too, soft but also springy which gives a really beautiful look to your lashes.
I couldn't recommend these enough.
I can't seem to find them online but you can normally just pick them up in a boots store for about £8 at the Ted Baker stand or the eyelash curler section.
Are you a fan of eyelash curlers? Which one is your favourite?

25 February 2015

Mini Eiffel Tower


I am in love with my little Eiffel Tower.  Being obsessed with all things Paris, my mama got me this for Christmas as she knew I had my eye on it and it's even more beautiful in real life.

It's actually a jewellery stand but I couldn't decide if I wanted to put rings or bracelets on it and then realised how pretty it looked just being an ornament so until I decide what I want to adorn it with its currently keeping my magazines and books company on my ladder bookcase.

It's from the sweetest online shop that sells so many lovely things at such great prices.  The store is called Gifts & Pieces and you should definitely have a little peek on there if your looking for something just that little bit different.

You can buy the Eiffel Tower HERE for £6.50
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