Book Review - Holiday In The Hamptons by Sarah Morgan

holiday in the hamptons by sarah morgan book review, book blogger, contemporary summer read, womens fiction 2017

Holiday In The Hamptons* by Sarah Morgan
"She’s moved on…
Felicity Knight loves New York. But when she spots her ex-husband in the city, Fliss is desperate to escape!
He’s moved back…
Vet Seth Carlyle is back from California to establish his own practice and settle down. When he learns that his ex Fliss still lives close by, that future is looking a whole lot brighter…
Will a perfect escape bring them back together?
With the help of his adorable dog Lulu, and a sprinkling of beachside magic, Seth is determined to make Fliss see he’s never stopped loving her!"

So first off I just want to say this is the second book in the new series that Sarah is writing, I reviewed the first book HERE if you want a read but in no way is this book a traditional follow on or anything like that.  You can jump right in to reading this having not read the first, there is no missing plot line that you won't understand.  The connection is that its about the same family and group of friends but each book is a stand alone story in itself.

This is such a perfect beach/summer read.  I must say that I am such a massive fan of Sarah and her wonderful writing and books.  To me she really has got this whole genre of contemporary down on lock, I really think she is a cut above the rest when it comes to books like this and every one of them that I've read has been a joy, I really want to try and go back and read all her older one's that I haven't managed to get yet too.

This is a story about love and loss and how its sometimes really important to go back before you can move forward.  It's got a really relatable main character who you will root for from beginning to end and a super cute and charming leading man, all set against the backdrop of the beautiful Hampton's. 

I really enjoyed the way that Sarah added more back story for this book too, I felt like I really got a deeper understanding of Fliss in this book and that we delved a little deeper than in previous books which I just loved.  I can't wait to find out more about the Knight family in the next book Sarah releases, I just hope its soon!

If you love sweet, funny, contemporary romcom type stories then I urge you to give this book and Sarah's other books a read. 

I'm so happy to be back doing more book reviews again and I can't wait to share with you all the books that I've been reading over the past few months, there are some that I think you will just all fall in love with, the one above included!

You can buy Holiday In The Hamptons for £3.85 right now on Amazon (It's also part of a 3 paperbacks for £10 deal right now)
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P.S. I really, really struggle to take nice pictures of kindle books for you guys, so I thought I would try something a little bit different and more simple above, fingers crossed I start reading some paper backs again soon as they are so much easier to photograph haha!

Badger Mineral Sun Cream Review

badger mineral sunscreen review, natural sunscreen vs chemical sunscreen, natural beauty review

Over the years I've taken a good handful of allergic reactions to sunscreens.  Normally my skin comes out in red itchy rashes and the skin that the product has touched can become really burny too.  I always put this down to me having sensitive skin rather than thinking about what is in the sunscreen and I just always made sure to only use the brands that I knew I was OK with.
But this year after taking a skin reaction to the suncream that I normally always use (they had changed the formula and I hadn't realised) I decided to start googling why this kept happening and because of my natural beauty 'journey' (ahh that word again haha) that I'm on I decided to take a chance and see if there was anything more natural available.
Honestly I have to say most things I've learned when finding out about what really goes into our hair and beauty products I haven't been surprised about, don't get me wrong I've been shocked to the extent in which its concealed and covered up but I sort of knew that those types of products would have not so great things in them.  But what I found out about traditional chemical sunscreen really genuinely surprised me and not in a good way.
I'm going to link to some articles as they will explain it all way better than I could
Some articles all about the subject matter HERE and HERE and HERE
But basically the long story short is the argument over whether chemical sunscreen (which is the traditional big  branded sunscreen that most of us have used forever) or mineral sunscreen (which is a naturally derived version of sunscreen) is better for your health and which one protects you more from the sun.  Chemical sunscreen absorbs the suns rays into the skin then dissipates them out through the skin again whereas mineral sunscreen blocks the rays and doesn't allow them to penetrate the skin.
After doing my own research I've found that I feel much more confidant in using only mineral sunscreen from now on and that's all I've used all summer.  I don't feel like chemical sunscreens are the right thing for me and I'm pretty sure my skin has been thanking me for that since I made the switch.
So after a lot of googling I choose to try the Badger Broad Spectrum (This means it blocks both UVA and UVB) SPF 30 with no scent.  I really had no idea what brand to go for but badger seem to come out top in most polls and reviews I've seen and I felt like this one would be the best for my needs.  Here is what the company say about the suncream...
"Safe, Effective, & Responsible. We have taken our wildly popular SPF 30+ sunscreen and removed the essential oil fragrance for those with sensitivities, or those who just prefer no added scents. A totally natural sunscreen for the whole family. Our biodegradable and environmentally friendly sunscreens are rich in Certified Organic ingredients, water resistant for at least 40 minutes, safe for children of all ages, block both UVA and UVB rays, and thoroughly moisturise while they protect you from the sun."
I am so happy with my choice, I've been using it for a while now and I've never been burnt or had any kind of skin reaction or irritation which really is a first for me with suncream.
A word about mineral sunscreens though is they don't really apply like normal chemical sunscreens.  They are thick and very white and this one leaves a white film over your skin once you've applied it.  It's nothing crazy just a sort of noticeable sheen and the bottle says it should disappear within around 10 mins and it does.  I feel like I can always see it a bit on my skin because I'm so pale but it really, really doesn't bother me.  I think all sunscreen if chemical or mineral leave some sort of residue on your skin that you can notice. 
I also found that this left a couple of marks on my trousers that I was wearing one day when my arms sort of lent on them but it came out after washing them and didn't leave any kind of stain.  My advice is to rub it in really well and don't put a ton on straight away. When I first started using this, I was 100% using too much, now after getting used to it I just use a lot less but it covers more of my skin as its such a thick cream.  It goes a lot further than 'normal' suncream on me.
I am so happy with the choice I made in switching to a mineral sunscreen and I hope you found this post helpful if your looking to try a more natural sunscreen too.
I would really urge you to give those linked articles a read  as they really are so interesting and helpful too!
You can buy this Badger Sunscreen HERE
P.S This is a really great read also, it's a big massive review post from where they tested a ton of sunscreen, such interesting results and super helpful if you don't know which one to buy
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The Nature of Beauty by Imelda Burke Book Review

natural beauy book, green beauty book, content beauty book review, green skincare book review

natural beauy book, green beauty book, content beauty book review, green skincare book review

natural beauy book, green beauty book, content beauty book review, green skincare book review

natural beauy book, green beauty book, content beauty book review, green skincare book review

natural beauy book, green beauty book, content beauty book review, green skincare book review

The Nature of Beauty* By Imelda Burke
"This honest, expert book will teach you how to recognise what your skin needs and how to buy the best products for you. It offers both time-honoured and modern techniques, tips and guidance for all ages, and showcases the powerful natural ingredients and brands that all beauty lovers should know about."

I can't tell you how excited I am to share this book with you all.  When I first started looking into natural and green beauty a few years ago, the one shop that kept popping up online that seemed to sell everything to do with natural products was Content Beauty and the store founder Imelda has now written a book all about the knowledge she has learned from owning the UK's best natural beauty and skincare store.

If you are new to my blog, I am a plant based eater (you can read all about my story HERE) and through my research into changing my diet, it lead me into questioning my beauty and skincare products and I am now actively changing over to non-toxic, green natural beauty (You can read my post all about why I decided that HERE) It's a slow process and I'm definitely only at the beginning but its such an exciting journey for me.

Even though I've been researching and trying to learn about natural beauty for a few years it's only over the course of the last year or so that I've been able to start making the change.  As I've been making and buying more natural products I felt like there was still so much I wanted to educate myself on in this sector of beauty so I started reading as much as possible about the subject.  After reading a ton of books I can safely say that this one is on another level and why I really wanted to share it with you all.

First of, Imelda knows her stuff.  She pioneered green beauty in the UK and was doing it on the scale she was before anyone else.  The book is packed, like jam packed full of information.  It's not a photography book with just a few lines of text, its a real word heavy book with a few, but not many black and white pictures doted around the book.

Imelda goes deep into skin and skincare and beauty products and the beauty industry on a whole. She explains really unbiasedly a lot of what chemicals are in traditional products and why.  She doesn't try and tell you one way is bad and another is good, she just lays out the facts and lets you decide for yourself.  She also tells you in depth about what natural products will help your skin the most.  She gives you amazing information about every skin type and even gives you a list of products that she recommends to buy.

I sometimes feel a little overwhelmed reading in depth about our bodies, chemicals and the like but Imelda writes with such ease and passion that its like talking to a friend reading this book.  She breaks down really, pretty complicated stuff in to a super precise easy and relatable manner.

I learned so many things reading this book.  I read it from cover to cover over the course of a few days but already I've went back and re read a couple of things when I was looking for certain ingredients in a product, so I know it will be a manual in my life.

Changing over to green beauty can feel like a massive hurdle and one that you feel like you might not get over. One of the main reasons for this I believe, is traditional beauty and skincare companies make it hella hard and confusing for consumers.  Whilst 'concealing' pretty awful things in their products by putting them in the middle of an ingredient list of 50 that they know most average consumers will not read and only see the 'all natural' label in their glossy TV adverts, they make the switch seem undo-able at times and you just don't know which way to turn.

But honestly I can't tell you how much more simple the transition has been for me since having this book by my side, I honestly feel so thankful that Imelda has shared all her knowledge and education of the subject so that we can know what we are really putting on our skin and in our bodies.

I have been a regular customer of Content Beauty's online store (I wish so much she had a store in Scotland as I would just love to visit it) since I found it last year and I am now an even bigger fan of its founder after reading this book.  If you are interested or considering the change to a toxic chemical free beauty and skincare routine then I really do think this book will be the best thing you could buy, I love it so much.

You can buy the book on Amazon

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The Grass Court Season

fred perry t-shirt, mom jeans, oversized denim jacket, wimbledonfred perry t-shirt, mom jeans, oversized denim jacket, wimbledonfred perry t-shirt, mom jeans, oversized denim jacket, wimbledon

Tennis is one of my favourite things.  I follow it all through the season and I get super excited when it comes to the grass court time of year as nothing sums up Tennis more than Wimbledon, right?

This year I thought I would do a little nod to one of the greats and style up an iconic Fred Perry shirt, to celebrate Wimbledon week one.

This piece is so perfect for just throwing on and making an outfit look way better than it actually is.  I feel it kinda gives my outfit a sort of punk edge too, which I love.

Have you guys been watching Wimbledon so far this year? I have been glued to the screen and am currently waiting for the main man Murray to walk on court as I type this.

So even though I may not have made it to Wimbledon this year (or technically any year, unless the Wimbledon shopping mall counts? No, um ok) but this is my little blog celebration of its arrival.

I hope you are all having a beautiful Tennis filled day...

Tee- Fred Perry
Jeans - Missguided
Jacket - New Look

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Sister & Co Coconut Milk Bath Soak with Raw Vanilla

sister and company, bath milk, coconut bath milk, natural bath product, natural beauty

sister and company, bath milk, coconut bath milk, natural bath product, natural beauty

sister and company, bath milk, coconut bath milk, natural bath product, natural beauty

This has got to be my favourite thing that I've bought in the longest time.

I am really not one for extravagant purchases especially beauty purchases but you know when you really, really want something and you just cross your fingers and hope it lives up to the hype and justifies its price tag?

Well that's what I did with this.

This is the Sister & Co Coconut and Vanilla bath milk.  Here is the what the brand says about the product...
"Sprinkle into your bath under warm running water. Lie back, relax and enjoy while coconut milk softens and hydrates your skin, kaolin clay gently exfoliates and revitalises, and sweet vanilla uplifts the senses, lingering on your skin for hours afterwards. 
For a stronger exfoliation, gently massage the soak into damp skin with your fingertips."

And the price....£23
I know, I know, basically £23 for something that your going to send down your drain but hear me out.

This is phenomenal, seriously.

Not only does it smell just divine, like the most wonderful coconut and vanilla scent but it also is
amazing for your skin.

I have the driest skin ever and this moisturises it like nothing I have ever used before.  My skin is plump and smooth and no dry patch in sight after using it.

The biggest thing for me though is how much it soothes my muscles and genuinely gives me a real energy boost to my joints and muscles after I've used it.

I felt so crazy spending that much money on this when I bought it but I am so glad I went with my gut and did it.  It has helped my skin and my muscles so much and having a bath has now become such a luxurious thing. 

I only sprinkle a little bit at a time when I'm using it, I've had a lot of baths with it already and there isn't a dent in the bottle, so I'm hoping it will last a while.

Also, how glorious looking is the glass bottle and packaging, so pretty.  I'm sorry the picture isn't the clearest of the bottle, but my gosh the trials I went through trying to photograph a glass bottle on a sunny day and not just getting a reflection of myself in the picture, haha! But I hope you get the feel of it in the photos still...

I can not wait to try more from this all natural brand too, I have my eye on so many of their products and it makes me feel so good knowing that they are only putting natural goodness in and on my body!

You can buy this bath milk in a few different variations either on the Sister & Co website or on ASOS where I got mine.

P.s. The all natural ingredients, in case any of you wanted a peek - "Cocos Nucifera Fruit Extract, Maltodextrin*, Sodium Caseinate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Kaolin, Vanilla Planifolia (Vanilla) Fruit Oil, Caprylic /Capric Triglyceride, Vanilla Planifolia Fruit. *Naturally produced"

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