14 April 2014

The Heidi Plait

 photo 66588d25-3763-45cf-8941-d43eb0f1f838_zps435f0635.jpg  photo 68cbe5dc-d8af-4667-a1d7-b8e5f56124c4_zps40bbb420.jpg

I have well and truly jumped on the Heidi plaits bandwagon.  I'm not usually one for following but I just think this is such a super cute trend and it's so perfect when you have long hair and want to be a bit more imaginative than throwing it up in a ponytail or bun (which are my go-to's).

Because my hair is dark at the top and much lighter at the bottom (unintentionally ombre) the plaits kinda look like they are extensions stuck on my head or something, but I like the contrast and I think it makes it stand out a little more.

I just did a middle parting down my head, did two normal plaits, like old school pigtails and then pulled one over my head and pinned some Kirby-grips in the middle of the plait until it caught some hair underneath, to secure it in place.  I put them in the middle of the plait so you couldn't spot them once the style was finished.

I then did the same with the other plait, my hair is super thick so instead of crossing them over the top of each other I sort of laid them side by side instead, kind of diagonally.

I like it to look messy so I pulled some bits out the front, you can also see little bits of hair popping out the plait and the hair-bobbles that I secured the ends in with but I quite like that, and it literally took 10 minutes to do from beginning to end!

Are you a fan of this style?
What is your go to hair style at the moment?

P.S. Sorry about the crazy colour of these photos.  I had to put a filter over them which I never normally do just because they came out weirdly grainy.

11 April 2014

Headscarf Wearing

 photo DSCN2377_zps77aa35b6.jpg  photo DSCN2382_zpsdadb05e2.jpg  photo DSCN2371_zpsbb36e21a.jpg
Red lips, Headscarf and big gold hoops, is there anything more you need in life...
Obsessed with this whole 1950s housewife/1980's-chic look at the moment.

10 April 2014

Chanel - Le Blanc De Chanel Sheer Illuminating Base Review

 photo DSCN2210_zpsb2a4ad39.jpg  photo DSCN2212_zps33658c77.jpg  photo DSCN2217_zpsfeb4d70d.jpg  photo DSCN2228_zps815032aa.jpg

This is my favourite primer I have ever used, its the Chanel Le Blanc De Chanel Sheer Illuminating Base.
It can be used under your make-up as a primer or on it's own for when your having a make-up free day but still want to have a glowy look.

I use it mostly under my make up although I have mixed it with my foundation too to try and capture that illusive Hayden Panettiere all over glow look (seriously what make-up does that girl wear, I need it in my life)

All the other primers I have tried have either done absolutely nothing or just given my face a sort of tight feel before I have applied my foundation but this feels so soft on my skin and as you can see in the photos above it gives a smoothing affect to your skin too and really does blur over any imperfections.

I took pictures of it on my hand rather my face as even though you can see it, its very subtle and I found the camera was picking up on the type of glow it has more on my hand than my face. 

It definitely adds more wear time to my make-up too and stops it from sliding all over the place during the day.  I also think its great if your going foundation free and just wearing your bronzer and blusher as you still get that flawless base by wearing the primer.

The only thing I would say is I don't think I would ever wear it on its own without some sort of make-up on top of it even though its recommended that you can.  The reason for this is that the primer is white, like super white, as white as it looks in the bottle and it goes on your skin that colour until you really blend it in, then it turns clear but it does leave a slight white tinge on your skin which isn't noticeable at all when you wear even the slightest bit of make up but for me being such a naturally pale person I really feel like it just pales me out that little bit too much for me to wear it on its own but I didn't buy it for that anyway, so it's never bothered me.

I couldn't be happier with this product and it has the best smell to it ever, it sort of reminds me of a suntan lotion, it basically smells of summer, you know what I mean?

Are you a fan of this?
Which is your fave primer?

Buy this primer HERE for £31

9 April 2014

Songs That May or May Not Change Your Life

This is Laura White, she is a  former X Factor contestant (I kinda remember there being outrage when she got voted out, right?) Well, I have literally just came across her version of Rita Ora's new song and just knew I had to post it, it's amazing and her voice is just crazy good.

Also I have had her EP on repeat for the past few months, it is just so damn beautiful.  Every track has got a really old soul feel to it, its so perfect to chill out to. I am obsessed by 'To Be Loved', I feel like it would be the perfect soundtrack to an American rom-com, if you know what I mean, it's got that vibe to it! Let me know what you think?

I have put her EP below for you to check out and you can follow her on twitter HERE and on Facebook HERE.

6 April 2014

Sunday Show and Tell


Here are my favourite links that have made me smile this week....

1.  You should know that if there is anything on the Internet remotely related to Mindy Kaling, I will love it and I will post it here, just like I have with THIS awesome/funny interview with her.

2.  I was re-watching an old Freddie Prinze Jr rom-com last week and was just thinking how amazing it was.  It made me think of two things, 1- Where'd Freddie go?
And 2- Why are films of that genre  just not as good as the Stiles, Dunst, Prinze Jr era? 
Then I came across THIS article which I loved. So were the 90's films just so damn good or is it all nostalgia?

3.  Oh and talking about Kirsten Dunst , what do you think of her comments HERE about being 'feminine' in her new Harper's Bazaar interview.  I find it laughable that they are calling her views 'Retro' and 'Controversial' I am totally Team Dunst...

4.  "I declared that I would be an artist or writer – no matter what. I then opted out of the money system for 10 years"  I love this quote, a really lovely interview with SARK HERE

5.  Because Drew Barrymore is just so darn cool, right?

The picture above is from my pinterest and you can follow it HERE
What were your fave links this week?
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