The Morgan Matson Book Collection

I love when I read through peoples blogs and I see book reviews in themes or by author collections. A sort of handy guide of  'If you liked this, you might like that' type thing.  So I thought it would be fun to start doing more of that on my blog too, because if there is a bandwagon, you know your going to see me jump on that thang at some point.
So first up, one of my favourite authors, seriously her books are amazing....It's the Morgan Matson Collection.....

1.  Amy & Roger's Epic Detour - "Amy Curry's year sucks. And it's not getting any better. Her mother has decided to move, so somehow Amy has to get their car from California to the East Coast. There's just one problem: since her father's death Amy hasn't been able to get behind the wheel of a car. Enter Roger, the son of a family friend, who turns out to be funny, nice . . . and unexpectedly cute. But Roger's plans involve a more "scenic" route than just driving from A to B, so suddenly Amy finds herself on the road trip of a lifetime. And, as she grows closer to Roger, Amy starts to realise that sometimes you have to get lost to find your way home. . ."

 I've actually already done a review of this on my blog HERE.  It was one of my first ever book reviews on my blog years ago, so I hope they've got a bit better since then.  That's how much I loved this book though, that it actually made me want to start writing book reviews here just so I could talk about it.  It really is one of my all-time favourite reads.  As the blurb above explains it's about a Road Trip that Amy and Roger take together across America.  It's a real soul-searching journey for Amy and one that she has to face her fears on and confront all the things that have went on in her life.  The story is so close to my heart and I just felt so connected to the characters.  Even though some of the subject matter in the book is deep and intense, its still such a fun and upbeat book.  It's also filled with the most amazing music and quotes and will make you want to jump in your car and start your own road trip.  This book was Morgan Matson's first book and also the first one I read from her.  I totally fell in love with her writing here, it's such a beautiful book and I can't recommend it enough.  Definitely my favourite one of Morgan's. 
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2.  Since You've Been Gone - "Emily's best friend Sloane disappears, almost without a trace - the only thing left behind is a to-do list. On it, thirteen Sloane-inspired tasks that wallflower Emily wouldn't normally do, and definitely not without her best friend. But what if completing the list could bring Sloane back? Emily only has the summer to check everything off Sloane's list.
The question is, what will she find at the end of it?"

This was the second book of Morgan's that I've read and the third one she published.  I went into this so excited as I just loved the sound of the blurb and just imagined it would be Amy & Rogers Epic Detour take two, I knew the story wouldn't be similar or anything but I just thought the voice of the book would feel the same and it really didn't and totally confused me for a few chapters.  So that's something I really wanted to point out because I was used to reading books by the same author and them all feeling 'the same' even if they had different stories and themes, do you know what I mean? But personally I don't think Morgan's books ever has the same 'feel' to them and to start with I was like 'ahh I don't like that its not the same' but then as I went on to just fall in love with the book and her other books, I realised that its actually something super special that Morgan has to be able to make every single book feel fresh and different and unique and it actually makes me feel more excited to read her new books as I know they will be something completely different. 

The pace of the book is slower at the start and I felt that worked perfectly for the story as it really builds and you really get to understand the characters.  I loved how un-cliched the book was too, I had the ending all mapped out in my head to how I thought it would go and it ended up being completely different.  The book again felt so real to me, I feel like you can read so many books based in the YA genre that don't feel like what real life friendships at High School were like but this gets it spot on.  That unique balancing act of friends and enemies that high school seems to produce so much of, that feeling of thinking you know someone and then realising that you might actually not.  I really, really loved this unique story.
You can buy it here on Wordery.

3.  The Unexpected Everything - "Andie has a plan and she always sticks to the plan.  Future? A top tier medical school.  Dad? Avoid as much as possible (which isn't that hard considering he's a Congressman and never around).  Friends? Palmer, Bri, and Toby - pretty much the most awesome people on the planet, who needs anyone else?  Relationships? No one's worth more than three weeks.
So it's no surprise she's got her summer all planned out too.  Until a political scandal cancels her summer pre-med internship, and lands both her and Dad back in the same house for the first time in years. Suddenly she's doing things that aren't Andie at all - working as a dog walker, doing an epic scavenger hunt with her dad and maybe, just maybe, letting the super cute Clark in closer than expected. Palmer, Bri and Toby tell her to embrace all the chaos, but here's the thing ... can she?"

This is the book pictured above (I have all the others on my kindle) This is Morgan's 4th book and the 3rd one of her's I've read.  I only finshed this a few months ago and I have to say this really did rival Amy & Rogar for being my favourite Morgan Matson book.  It was so, so good....

This book to me has everything you'd want in a contemporary read.  It's so sweet and uplifting and bursting full of heart.  The story was again really different but still at its core, was about a girl trying to figure out life and let's be real people, that's us all right?  Such a perfect book.
You can buy it here on Wordery.

And that's my Morgan Matson collection.  The only book of Morgan's that  I haven't read is her second book called Second Chance Summer.  I try not to read books that have a sort of sadness undertone to them as I just don't enjoy it and that's why I've stayed away from that one as reading the blurb would lead me to believe it might be a bit of a sad one but please do let me know if you've read it and what it is like as I would so love to have a read of it,  if its more uplifting than the blurb makes it out?

Morgan is such a joy of a writer to read and I would really recommend giving her books a go if you haven't as they are so wonderful.  I can't wait till her next book comes out!

(Oh and I just saw that you can actually get Morgan's first 3 books all together in one big collection too.  You can buy it here on Wordery )

Racquet Magazine

"Racquet is a new quarterly magazine that celebrates the art, ideas, style and culture that surround tennis. We fondly remember the swashbuckling sport of the tennis boom of the 1970s and ’80s, and our goal is to help restore some of that swagger to today’s game. We’ll work with some of the best writers - those experienced in the tennis conversation, and those who've never covered the sport - as well as artists and photographers to explore the modern tennis landscape, bringing you something beautiful and meaningful four times a year."

This is my favourite thing I've bought in a while.  Like the above Bio explains, it's a new magazine that is all about Tennis.

The big difference is that it doesn't feel like a sports magazine, it feels like a really luxe, independent fashion magazine except its about Tennis.  It's made with the most beautiful thick textured paper and is filled with stunning photographs all taken with a view of showing Tennis in a different, more modern light.

I love Tennis so much, I basically watch Eurosport 24/7 when there are ATP matches or Grand Slams on the TV and when its not on TV, then I have about 5 apps I use to follow the Tennis tour to keep up to date, so this is legit my dream read.

It's American made so it is pretty expensive to buy over here, I think it was around £14 but I never buy magazines anymore as I just felt so super uninspired by them so I saw this as a big treat to myself.

I loved the content so much, it really is a mix of old tennis and new tennis and I really enjoyed the opinion pieces.  The only thing I would love to see in future issues is maybe the balance be more in the favour of the new generation of Tennis stars and what is going on in the Tennis world at the moment rather than in the past but overall the magazine is a real joy to read and I will definitely buy the next issue.

I bought the magazine from the online magazine shop called Magalleria.  I've never bought from them before but they were so helpful and the delivery was a great price too.  They stock so many magazines I want to read too, so I can't wait to buy more!

The Wishlist Post #2

Just before Christmas I did my first Wishlist post in a long time, I loved creating it again and you guys seemed to really like it too so I'm going to be doing a monthly wishlist post where I'm going to share all the things I wish I could buy haha!
So here we go with February's list...

1.  TV*- So this is the Panasonic UHD 4K TV and it looks amazing.  Basically its like Ultra HD and the picture and colours that they use in the TV are so true to life, that its like looking through a window rather than a TV screen.  You can also move the feet of the TV around to fit in and adjust it to where you want it in your room.  The picture quality of the TV was made at Panasonic's Hollywood labs using the same technology that is used to make movies, which seems pretty damn cool, huh?  I don't know why (I'm lying I do, I have been binge-watching The Kardashians and they have these rooms) but lately I've been thinking it would be so cool to have a cinema type room, a room with just a TV and big comfy sofa and not much else and I think this would be perfect for that.  Ahh OK so I'm off to buy a lottery ticket....

2.  Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han - Ahhh I am so crazy excited for the third instalment of this book series to come out.  Have you read these books by Jenny Han?  They are the sweetest, most perfect reads.  I'm going to be doing a review of the first two really soon here so keep an eye out for that if you want to hear more about them.  The books follow the lives of the Song Sisters and specifically Lara Jean and the trials and tribulations of her love life.  This last book in the series comes out on the 2nd May .You can Pre-Order it on Wordery

3.  Record Player - This is just dreamy looking isn't it?  I have wanted a record player like this in either cream or pink for the longest time and I just keep furiously refreshing Urban Outfitters everyday to check to see if they are in any sales yet but alas they're not.  Let me know if you guys have any recommendations of any record players too? You can buy this one for £100 on Urban Outfitters

4.  RMS Beauty Master Mixer- I have this insane love for RMS beauty and I have never even tried any of their products.  I watch youtube video after youtube video of reviews of all the products, I listen to podcasts with the creator behind the brand and I already have picked out the exact products I want to buy.  I'm a bit worried that I love the brand so much and everything that it stands for that I'm maybe putting too much pressure on the products to be as amazing as I think they will be, my hopes are so crazy high for this brand.  This is the first thing I want to buy from RMS and I am keeping my fingers crossed I'll be able to buy it this month.  RMS is an all natural, chemical free beauty line.  It was founded by Rose-Marie Swift who is a legendary make up artist and she created the line after she found out what all the chemicals in the makeup she was using were doing to her health.  This master mixer is basically a do -it-all product.  You can mix it in with your foundation for a glow, wear it as eyeshadow, mix it in with your lipsticks and glosses, wear it as highlighter.  It seems like a real wonder pot and I've really only ever heard good things about it.  I am so excited to try some of this range and I'll be sure to put up the reviews if I ever get my hands on this stuff. You can buy it from Content Beauty for £30 (I'm also in love with this store, it is filled with all the products I want to have in my makeup bag, it's an all-natural online makeup store.)

5.  Shirt -  Just a super beautiful shirt.  I really love this sort of blush pink and I love the over- sized shape and writing on the back too, so cute to just throw on over some jeans.  From Missguided £35

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NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review


I just wanted to share with you a new lip product that I'm really loving lately.
It's the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade Amsterdam.

I've tried quite a few of the Soft Matte Lip Creams now and I've really, really liked them all, although I would say the Butter Glosses from NYX are still my all time favourites.

The lip creams are such a lovely velvety texture, so smooth and soft on your lips too.

Amsterdam is a really strong, bold red colour.  I've seen it look a little more Orange/Red on people but on me it seems to be a really bright red.  It's such a statement shade so I tried to keep the rest of my make-up super simple.

It's funny because the other Soft Matte Lip Creams I've tried from NYX were really pale pink and peach shades and I didn't think the staying power of them was very strong at all, I would say they came off my lips within an hour or so but with this red colour it was still fully intact on my lips after wearing it for most of the day.  I think the consistency of this shade was a lot thicker so maybe that's why.

I'm such a fan of this colour and I know that I'll be wearing it all through summer too!

You can buy NYX at Boots for £5.50

P.S I got my hair done again, I'm now sort-of-nearly blonde again, yah!

Songs That May or May Not Change Your Life


Hey beautiful people,
This song is just dreamy and it's what I've had on repeat for the last week or so.  It's just so perfect...
Press play and enjoy...
I hope you are all having the most wonderful Monday so far...X
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