Ray Ban Sunglasses

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These are most definitely the sunglasses of my dreams.  I have lusted after them for about 2 years and finally the other week I managed to nab a pair in the sale on Sunglasses Shop and they have more than lived up to my expectation's.

I really don't think you can beat Ray-Ban for price, style or quality.  I am so excited to finally have these in my life (the drama, I know) and can't wait to wear them all summer long.

Sunglasses Shop are doing 20% off all Ray-Ban sunglasses for this weekend only....so exciting!
You can use the code RAY20 to get yourself a new pair of sunnies on Sunglasses Shop here. 

Let me know which pair you go for?

Book Review - Good Clean Food by Lily Kunin

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Good Clean Food*
"In her debut cookbook, Good Clean Food, holistic health coach Lily Kunin shares plant-based recipes that showcase the benefits of eating clean, wholesome food. With a simple and pared-down approach, Kunin guides readers on how to create colourful, nourishing plant-based meals, bowls, smoothies, and treats using gluten- and dairy-free ingredients."

Last week I put up THIS post about some of my favourite cookbooks.  When I got this book through the post I thought about including it too but decided it was actually so good it need a post all to itself.

I'm not going to lie, I think sometimes recipe books especially the plant based ones I buy can get a little samey and I didn't really know what to expect from this one but oh my, I was blown away by it. 

This book is based on Lily's blog.  I wasn't familiar with her blog before I read the book so I really didn't know what the visuals would be like but I have to say without a doubt, aesthetically its the most beautiful and appealing cookbook I own.  The images are so striking and inviting and also helpful as Lily shows a break down of how she makes some of the food in visual guides too.  I honestly can't rave about how pretty the layout and design of the book is, if I ever made a cookbook (I'm not and I wouldn't) then I would want it to be just like this, such a clean and simple design.

My favourite ever recipe book like I mentioned in my last post is from Deliciously Ella but I have to say this has went right up there and is now a joint favourite with that.  The recipes are new and easy to follow, they also don't require you to have 20 different ingredients and all cook relatively quick which is a must for me.
I have tried so many meals from this already and they have all been perfect.  I have a list of the meals I want to make from it over the next few weeks as well, it's just really packed full of beautiful food and meal ideas.

Lily is a wonderful narrator of the book and she made everything feel very easy and approachable. I am now not only the biggest fan of her book but also now her blog after discovering it through reading this.  It's a really great one to check out if our looking for some plant based recipes.

I just wanted to write a quick note on the title of the book. I know a lot of people feel quite strongly against the use of the word 'Clean' when it comes to food and eating and personally I would never use that to describe the way I eat as I've always felt it was too Gwyneth Paltrow for me.  But I just wanted to note that in actual fact when you read Lily's 'food journey' story at the start of the book you find out that she really isn't a clean eating crusader and she really champions finding your own way with food and eating whatever food makes you the healthiest and happiest.  So don't be worried that it's going to be all good/bad food or anything like that because Lily is super open-minded and welcoming to all in the book.

You can buy the book on Amazon or Wordery and get free delivery

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Things To Watch #2

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I thought I would share with you guys all the TV shows I've been loving the past month or so.  You can see what I was watching last month in THIS post.
Here we go....

1.  Pretty Little Liars -  Ok so technically not a show that I've watched yet this month yet but I had to include it because THE LAST EVER EPISODES ARE STARTING IN TWO DAYS....I am crazy excited about this.  I am legit going to watch the new episodes with my black hoodie on, so I can be all A themed.  So exciting, I just can't wait to see how they end things and round everything up. 
Pretty Little Liars starts on the 19th of Apr on Netflix.

2.  The Pop Game -  This is a show that I sort of stumbled across.  I watched the first episode and was completely hooked.  It's basically about Timbaland, the big music producer scouting a handful of young singers from YouTube and putting them through a sort of popstar bootcamp style competition.  I really like it, the singers are all really great and I think there is something really interesting seeing people who are so Internet famous try and become real life famous too.  Also I like that there is no mean-ness in it, Timbaland is great and really encouraging.  He also uses his songwriting team, who have wrote for Britney, Justin etc and got them to write new original songs for these young singers which I really love too.  It's a really fun watch and definitely something to check out if you like music reality type shows.
You can watch it on Mondays at 9pm on Lifetime.

3.  Britain's Next Top Model-  I love these model shows but I'm not going to lie, I feel like this season of BNTM hasn't been the greatest and the Australian top model shows are definitely winning for me.  I'm still watching it though and I'm interested to see who will win but I just don't really love the judges or the contestants that much this year.
You can watch BNTM on Thurs at 9pm on Lifetime.

4.  LOVE-   My hopes were so high for LOVE season 2 and when it finally hit Netflix a few weeks ago, it definitely didn't disappoint. I just really love the whole feel and vibe of this show, there is something kinda calming about watching it too for me.  Such a fun, funny and sweet show that I would totally recommend you giving a watch of season 1 if you haven't already.
Watch LOVE on Netflix now.

5.  Chesapeake Shores -  Ah one of my favourite shows I've watched in the last month.  I am obsessed by hallmarker movies, you know those painfully cheesy romcom movies, well I watch a double-figure amount every month.  I can't get enough of them, they are my favourites. The Hallmark channel made this TV show and its basically one long hallmarker and it's as amazing as you'd think.  It's actually pretty beautifully shot and it has Jesse Metcalfe in it as a washed up rockstar so all boxes are ticked!
I got through the whole season in about a week.
You can watch season 1 on Netflix now.

6.  So Cosmo-  This show makes me so happy.  It has a real old school reality show vibe about it.  Its set in the offices of cosmo magazine in New York and it gives you everything that you'd want from a magazine based show.  It has the clothes, the glamour, the drama and the gossip.  It's not the first show I've watched that's been set in the Cosmo office but its by far the best, definitely my other favourite this month,  I really look forward to every episode and just wish I could totally binge on it.  Such a fun light hearted show that will give you all the Devil Wears Prada feels.
Watch So Cosmo on E every Wed at 9pm.

7.  Keeping Up With The Kardashians-  Special shout out has to go to the Kardashians this month.  I have always been a massive fan on the show and not in the 'oh I kinda hate it' way but in the genuine 'I have so much love for it' way.  I think the show somehow keeps getting better and better and how the family are handling what life has thrown at them this season is just amazing.  Such heart breaking scenes with Kim and the robbery, it was just so sad.  If you've fallen out of Kardashian love for a few seasons then you should definitely give these new episodes a go, they are awesome.
Watch KUWTK on E at 9 on Sundays.

I hope you enjoy this post and maybe find a few new shows to love too.  As always I would love to hear what you guys have been watching the past few weeks and if you have any recommendations too?

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The Oversized (faux) Leather Jacket

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leather jacket, faux leather, mom jeans, vintage tee, missguided, boohooleather jacket, faux leather, mom jeans, vintage tee, missguided, boohoo

I thought I would do a little special feature on one of my favourite things that I've bought recently, this oversized faux leather jacket.

It's very 80's and I just find myself throwing it over everything at the moment.  It's the perfect fit for my style and my new found love for it has meant that I can give my oversized denim jacket a little bit of a holiday.

I thought I'd just take some pictures of my favourite way to wear it which is just with a vintage inspired tee and some mom jeans.  I also always roll the arms up on the jacket as I feel it gives it that extra Breakfast Club/Pretty In Pink feel. 

I love how soft the material too, it doesn't have that plastic-y fake leather feel, it look super authentic.

One tip if you going for this jacket though (which also comes in grey and pink) is size down, that's what I did as they are being very literally with the term 'oversized' here!

I hope you enjoy this post, I was thinking of doing more style spotlight posts like this on my favourite pieces, let me know what you think.

Outfit Details -

Jacket - Boohoo (Ooh I've just checked and it's now in the sale and you can get 20% off too using the code CANTRESIST )

Tee- Missguided

Jeans - Missguided here in black but same style or on Missguided here in the same colour but with more rips (sorry I think my original ones have sold out) Also both styles are in the sale and you can get free next day delivery using the code - heyfree

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Plant Based Recipe Book's

deliciously ella cookbook, plant based eating, vegan, book reviewOh She Glows cookbook, plant based eating, vegan, book review

So after my posts on why I now eat a Plant Based diet (Read it HERE) and the books that helped teach me about my health and food (Read that post HERE) I thought it was about time that I share with you guys where I get some of my recipes and meal ideas from.

So today I'm going to tell you about a few of my favourite recipe books, here we go....

1.  Deliciously Ella Book one, Two and Three - I thought I would just review all three of Ella's books together as I thought it might be easier.  I was a fan of Ella's blog for a long time, she was someone who I came across on one of my Google marathons back in the day when I was trying to solve all my health problems.  Her condition was different to mine but the similarities in what she was trying to do and what I was trying to do, heal our bodies naturally gave me the boost that I needed to keep trying.  I'm a really big fan of her books.  I find the recipe's so simple, with only a handful of ingredients and super easy to follow.  I love the layout of her books and the pictures of the food are always so beautiful too. 
I would encourage everyone who is starting out eating plant based to buy her 1st book as it really gives you a lot of insight into her background and it gives you a ton of information about the basics of plant based eating and how to cook simple things that you will eat often. 
Her second book is probably my overall favourite though as I just love so many of the meals in it and they have become my weekly staples.  I just got her third book a few days ago and again I'm super impressed by it.  I love that it has a really great mix of meals and I love that she has a lot of side dishes in this one too. 
One thing to point out is because I really can't eat and digest too many herbs and spices and things like onions and garlic, Ella's books have been amazing for this especially her first as she really doesn't overload things like that in her recipes and when she does use some, the meals still taste amazing without them in them. So if your similar to me in that sense then I would definitely give her books a go.  I am such a massive fan of Ella and all her work and really do think her books are the best out there at the minute.
Buy Ella's books on Wordery and get Free Delivery.

2.  The Oh She Glows Cookbook - I had been using recipes from the Oh She Glows blog for a while when I decided to make the plunge and go for her cookbook too.  This is a really lovely big book with a wide range of plant based dishes in it.  Most of the recipes I use from here I have had to adapt them to my preferences and take out a lot of ingredients as most recipes use a lot of spices.  I would also say that for you to really get the most out of this book you will need to have a food processor as I really wasn't able to make most of the meals until I got one.  This is probably for the more advanced plant based eater but I would definitely check it out especially if your a fan of the Oh She Glows blog.
Buy Oh She Glows on Wordery and get Free Delivery

3.  Livia's Kitchen- Again I first came across Livia's blog and then her YouTube channel when I was trying to find really quick and easy snacks to make.  Her books are filled with  mainly snacks and deserts with a couple of other recipes thrown in the mix.  Her book, just like Ella's is really beautifully made, with really clear instructions and pictures too.  This really does have every kind of plant based desert you could think of.  It's perfect if you want to make snacks for just yourself or even if your wanting to make something big like a birthday or party cake.  I really recommend this as every recipe I've tried from it has been really, really good!
Buy Livia's Kitchen on Wordery and get Free Delivery

I hope this post has given you some inspiration on where to find some more food ideas.  I think I might do a post soon on my favourite recipe blogs if that would be helpful for you guys too?

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