21 July 2014

An Outfit

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I had been wanting an over-sized sweater for ages and I found my perfect one on ASOS.  It's got a sort of vintage wash to it that you can kinda see in the pictures and every time you wash it the colour changes slightly and looks more worn and vintage-y, its such a lovely effect and its the softest thing to wear ever. I just love it.
I paired it with my jeans, wedges and floppy hat today as it started out quite dull in the morning but by the afternoon I had to change into something much cooler as it got so warm and sunny.  It turned into such a beautiful day, I am loving that we finally seem to have the summer back here, I've been sitting outside in my garden all day and night, I love getting to watch the sun set on nights like this, so pretty.  I hope the weather is lovely where you are too.
Sweater - ASOS* -£20
Jeans -Primark @ ASOS
Wedges -Nelly
Hat - TK Maxx

17 July 2014

'Perfect Beach Reads' - Love Like The Movies Review


'When it comes to finding her leading man, will it be Love, Actually or a Runaway Bride?
Kenzi Shaw has her life scripted out down to the last line - the career she's building as an up-and-coming marketing exec, the gorgeous fiancé (Bradley) she'll marry in a fairytale wedding, the children they'll raise in her dream home. But when heart-breaking ex Shane comes back into her life, life starts going off the script . . .
Shane tries to win Kenzi over by re-enacting all the rom com movies they used to watch together - Sleepless in Seattle, Bridget Jones' Diary, Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing to name a few. He's just a guy, standing in front of a girl, asking her to trust him again. But has he really changed? Not only is her head in a spin over Shane, but now her job is on the line. And with her perfect sister in law showing up every tiny thing Kenzi does wrong, she feels like she's permanently in the corner.
Should she risk her sensible life for the chance of a Happy Ever After? One thing's for sure, when Shane meets Kenzi (again), she's suddenly not so sure just who her leading man is . . .'

I LOVE Romantic Comedies.  Like honestly love them, I have religiously watched them on repeat since I was a little girl, I kinda skipped out on the whole cartoon phase and went straight to 'Clueless' and 'Grease'. 
The whole stigma that is sometimes  attached to Rom-Com's doesn't phase me either, I mean, seriously if someone can't understand the beauty in watching a guy hold up placards to secretly tell his best friends girlfriend that he's in love with her, or how freaking awesome it is when a girls best friend starts a Dionne Warwick mass singalong at the dinner table just to cheer her up and make her forget that the man of her dreams is marrying someone else, then I know it's them just being debbi downers as I just don't understand how those classic movie moments can't make you swoon, right?

When I first laid eyes on this book, it seemed like it had literally been written for me, I just hoped that it lived up to all the expectation I had for it.
And it really, really did.

When I tell you I loved this book I'm not lying, honestly its one of those that you have to sneak off to read for 5 Min's at lunch time just to see what happens next.  I think I read it in about two days though as I just couldn't put it down.

It's such a lovely, sweet story and the way the author has weaved the romantic comedies into the storyline is just wonderful, nothing feels forced and if like me the 'list' of movies in the book are amongst some of your favourites then it will be even more fun as you will recognise all the quotes from them and the little nods of appreciation to them too.

There is nothing much else to say really other than if you like Rom-Com's, you must buy this book.  It will make you smile, laugh and swoon.  Its such a perfect story to take to the beach and it will have you running to your DVD shelf to revisit some of the old classics as soon as you have finished the last page.

I literally can not wait for the author to bring out another book because if it's anything like her first one then I will be first in the queue to buy it.

Buy this book* HERE for £5.44
And buy it on Kindle for £3.59

16 July 2014


Something a little bit different on the blog today.  I thought I would recommend my favourite pens to you.
Yup, pens.
 I know it might not sound too exciting to some of you but if you are even anything like me in the slightest you will geek out at even the slightest mention of stationery based items.

I'm not kidding if I was offered a 'Dale's Supermarket Shopping Spree' anywhere it would probably be Staples or Paperchase. Seriously, I could spend hours pouring over pens and notebooks and pencils and erasers. 

It does make me laugh when I talk about this with people though because I always think it divides people, half are like ' are you crazy' and then the rest totally confess to being equally obsessed.

So whatever side of the divide you fall on I hope you like this post. 
I love to draw and I have some lovely new moleskin's that I am using to doodle in and paint in.  And some other new ones that I like to make more of an inspiration folder type thing.

I wanted some really nice black pens, as I love working in black and white and just using bold outlines in my work.

I took the opportunity last week when it was lovely and sunny to sit outside and just do a quick little doodle to give my pens a go. And the verdict on them is I LOVE them.

They are so easy to work with, they have such a great variety of nibs and come out with the blackest of black inks even when they dry (I hate that green sheen some black pens have).

I am so excited to keep using them and creating more doodles with them and using them in my other artwork too.

You can buy these pens HERE for £5.76
And the moleskin that I have done my little doodle in above is THIS one and I can't recommend them enough, perfect for doing watercolours, they are £4.78.

Are you as big a fan as I am of all things stationery? Where are your fave places to buy from?

11 July 2014

Hayfever Remedies

The weather has been so beautiful, hot and balmy here this past week and I love nothing more than chilling out in the sunshine and soaking up the rays but unfortunately one massive downside to the summer finally starting is hayfever.

I have suffered with Hayfever for years.  My symptoms normally start in late May and carry on right though till the end of summer.  Like everyone else some years are better than others and depending on pollen counts and what's came into bloom early or late but for some reason the past few years my  hayfever has just gotten so much worse so I thought I would do a little post on what helps me and hopefully it might help you too. 

1.  Pirinase -  One of the biggest reasons why I struggle even more with hayfever is because there are so many medicines that help the symptoms that I just can't take because I'm allergic to a lot of ingredients in certain medicines.  But my one saviour is always Piriton so that's why I choose to try something from the same brand as I hoped I would be OK with it, which thankfully I am.  This is a really great nose spray.  It literally stops your sneezing, nose running, and itchy sore eyes within 5 Min's.  But as with a lot of Hayfever medicines it can make you feel a little tired and yucky after taking it for a little while.  I am trying really hard this year to get by on more natural remedies and not rely on this as much as even though it works amazingly I just don't  like the side effects, saying that though my doctor told me that these medicines don't make everyone drowsy just certain people, I guess I'm just one of  the lucky ones haha!

2.  Luffa Nose Spray - A few weeks ago I was literally a sneezing, snivelling mess, my hayfever had just crept up on me out of no where and got really bad all of a sudden, I was all flu like and my throat was swollen and I had ear ache and I was being such a moaning Minnie about it all and didn't want to take the pirinase spray as I couldn't be bothered with feeling even more tired than I was so I decided to get googling and after literally hours of searching I saw that this spray was the thing getting spoke about most.  I wanted something natural and that didn't have side effects but would work just as well as the heavy duty stuff.  I haven't been using this long and I am still trying to get used to taking it and what the dose is I should be taking but on first impressions I'm really impressed.  I think the biggest thing I would say with this and its where I went wrong but I would start using this before you need it. My hayfever was already awful by the time I started this and I have just kept being outside in the sun and I feel like it's only now after about 4 days that it's starting to really work great.  So as soon as you buy it start using it, even if it pouring with rain outside, I think it must just need to build up some resistance and help your body block out the symptoms.  The thing I love about it is that I'm not worried about using it often as it's all natural ingredients so I know it won't be harming my body as much as taking loads of heavy duty tablets would be.  This has really, really helped my throat, which always gets the most badly effected when my hayfever gets intense and it's really helping clear out my sinuses too which is crazy as normally nose sprays give me really bad sinus headaches.  I would definitely give this a go if your looking for something natural and it honestly is doing a great job at helping my symptoms so far.

3.  Olbus Nasal Stick - This is just Olbus Oil in a stick form, I always use it when I get colds and flu's and I always find it really helps me after I've had a day of sneezing, it really helps me breathe better and decongests my nose and head.  Also I just love the smell.

4.  Camomile Teabags - This was one tip that I learned during my night of googling where I found out about the luffa nose spray and tip number 5 too.  So drinking camomile tea helps with hayfever because its an antioxidant and antihistamine so it helps lessen your symptoms.  I would definitely say this is one to try along side something else but I do definitely think it helps take the edge off the flu type feelings and lets be  honest it just tastes really good too and you really don't need to give me a reason to have a wee cup of tea.  But the bonus of this is because its also an anti - inflammatory you can use the tea bags as a cold compress for your eyes which works amazingly if they are super itchy, runny and sore.  After you've made your cuppa, squeeze out the excess water in the teabags and put them in the fridge for 15-30 Min's, Then just stick them on your eyes for about 5 Min's and they will feel so lovely and cool and take away the redness too!

5.  Pineapple Juice - Again pineapple is an anti- inflammatory so it reduces your hayfever symptoms and helps your body block the pollen better.  I picked the juice so I could have it often and help my symptoms more but you can just eat it fresh and you will get the same benefits. Pineapples are one of my all time favourite fruits so I was so happy when I heard this tip.  Not only is the juice so tasty it really does help. 

6.  My last tip is if all else fails just throw water in your face, literally.  Sometimes I just sneeze so much especially at night time that the only thing that works is just to wash my face with cold water.  Also washing my eyes out with water too when I just can't stop rubbing them, it gets all the pollen off your face and eyelashes.  Also if you've been out all day. washing your hair to get all the pollen out of it works too!

So they are all my tips, I really hope they might help you a little bit if your struggling with your hayfever this year.  Please do let me know if you have any tips or remedies that you swear by, I would really love to hear them, comment below or give me a tweet.

8 July 2014

Perfect Beach Reads - 'The Spectacular Now' Review

"Sutter Keeley's the guy you want at your party. He'll get everyone dancing. He' ll get everyone in your parents' pool. Okay, so he's not exactly a shining academic star. He has no plans for college and will probably end up folding men's shirts for a living. Aimee's clueless. Aimee is a social disaster. Aimee needs help, and it's up to the Sutterman to show Aimee a splendiferous time and then let her go forth and prosper. But Aimee's not like other girls, and before long he's in way over his head. For the first time in his life, he has the power to make a difference in someone else's life - or ruin it forever."

Part of me didn't know if I should have included this is my 'Beach reads' section.  It's not a totally easy going, leaves you with the happiest feeling in the world type of book.  But then I thought maybe that's not what everyone wants in a beach reads, maybe some people want a little more to think about after they have finished their book and this is exactly what this gives you so I have included it. A little bit of something for everyone hopefully.

I don't want to make you think it's a depressing story or that it's sad and doesn't have a happy ending, it's not any of those things, its just really against the grain of the normal format that typical stories like this use.  By that I mean that the main character has faults and flaws and instead of the book being about him fixing them and having a big epiphany and changing the world with his awesomeness, it's the exact opposite it's about someone who is pretty ok with being a bit rough around the edges and not really wanting to be anything other than he is.

It really is a great book and it's written so beautifully.  Sutter has his own sort of vocabulary and for days after it I found myself slipping his favourite words into my sentences as his voice really gets into your head. 

If you like stories about people finding out who they really are and getting into the mindset of someone then this book is for you.  It's a coming of age story with a massive difference, it's real and realistic and it'll make you laugh a lot and make you want to jump into the book and shake Sutter sometimes but most of all it will make you understand that it's ok to not have your ending all figured out yet, I honesty don't know if I would say that Sutter officially comes of age by the end of the story but my hopes were high for him and I have a feeling that the books ending might have just been Sutter's beginning....

I really want to see the movie they made of this book, but I can't seem to buy it anywhere yet.  I've heard so many great things about it though.  HERE is more info about it.

Buy the book HERE for £5.59
And on Kindle for £4.49

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