29 April 2016

Faux Fur Throw


One of my favourite home-ware things to buy are throws.  I think they are so versatile and can really finish off a room. 
I always have super plain bedding with no pattern on it as my walls are really patterned in my room so I always like to pick a self coloured throw but with a really interesting texture. 
I have a few that I change for different seasons and this is my new summer one that I've just put on my bed.

Its from QVC, a range they sell called Cozee Home which is where I got my last cream faux fur one too. I have linked to the Cozee home page even though my actual throw seems to be sold out but I thought I would link it anyway as they sell other ones that are really similar and lovely too, in case you wanted to have a peek of them.
I love the quality and the feel of their throws, they are so soft and I love that they have a sort of velvet back to them so they stick to your bed without moving and falling off which I've found some throws can do.

This is a really soft, dusty pink coloured faux fur and it has rows of hearts embossed into it.  Its so sweet and lovely for summer and its really big so covers my whole bed too, I'm so happy with it!

I've also just discovered Yorkshire Linen Store* they have the most beautiful range of throws, especially king sized ones which is my top tip for buying throws.  Always buy them in a king size, irrelevant of what size of bed you have as this will give you that perfect oversized feel.  I have a double bed but always buy king sized and it looks so much better.
Yorkshire Linen have so many throws that I have my eye on at the moment and the prices are amazing too. 

Let me know where you buy your throws, I'm always on the lookout for new places?

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27 April 2016

Kerastase Hair Haul


So excited to share with you some Kerastase products I've been trying out for the past few months.  I was so excited to have a try and see what I thought.  Here is how I got on...

1.  Matérialiste Thickening Spray Gel* - This is a volume spray.  It uses new technology to thicken the diameter of your hair fibre which gives your hair an over all thicker and fuller appearance.  It says that it's suitable for all hair types but best suited to people with thin or 'lack lustre' hair, it also says that it will make your hair shiny too!  I have really thick and curly hair but when I blow dry my hair straight I like to have really massive big hair which is why I always add a volume spray before I blow dry it and that's how I used this.  When my hair was damp I sprayed this all over my hair and it basically done everything it said it would.  My hair felt really, really light and big and not weighed down at all and it did have a nice shine to it. Perfect if you want a big, bouncy movable blow dry.  You can buy it on HQ Hair for £19.50

2.  Styling Crème de la Crème Blow Dry Cream* - This is for using before you blow dry your hair.  This basically does the opposite to what the above product does.  This controls your volume to give you a more sleek finish and it takes away your frizz.  It also gives you a 'medium hold' which keeps your hair in place and in it's style but also keeps it soft and smooth.  So as I said above I have curly hair.  I wear it naturally curly nearly all the time.  I had been using the spray above a few times in a row to straighten my hair and I wanted to wear it natural and curly again so I had an idea.  A lot of my favourite curly creams and serums are just frizz-fighting hold sprays so I thought to myself why not have a go at using this blow dry cream as a curl cream and see what happens as it says it will give you a strong hold which should help my curls keep their shape and fight my frizz to make my curls look sleeker too.  So that was last month and I can't even tell you how much I have fallen in love with this product since then.  I have used it religiously on my curly hair and its one of the best things for my curls that I have used in a really long time.  My hair is big and bouncy, it has barely any frizz and my curls are so defined.  I just use a small amount on my hands spread it evenly through my hair and let my hair air dry.  I can't urge you enough to give this product a try if you have curly or wavy hair (or obviously if you want to use it the way it was designed on straight hair haha) as it has changed up my hair routine so much.  Thank you Kerastase for making my new favourite hair product! You can buy it on HQ Hair for £19.50

3.   Elixir Ultime Hair Oil* - This is such a luxe, beautiful product!  This is a hair oil that treats, protects and strethens your hair.  It also fights frizz, nourishes and boosts shine, so it kinda does everything.  You can use this as a pre-shampoo treatment, a pre-blow dry oil, a post blow dry styling spray or just as a hydrating boost throughout the day to your hair.  I've been using it pre blow dry and it leaves my hair so silky soft and smooth.  I can't wait to start using it as a pre-shampoo treatment when summer comes as my hair can gets a little dryer with the sun and I just know this would be lovely on it then.  This is just such a beautiful product.  You can buy it on HQ Hair for £37.00

4.  Styling Spray à Porter *- If you want that surfer girl, beach hair then this is your new best friend.  This is Kerastase's beach spray.  Along side their other ingredients it also has mineral salt in it which is responsible for giving your hair that 'Just out the ocean' look.  It gives your hair a semi-matte finish, protects it from heat and leaves it soft too.  I have used this so much since I got it.  This is what I'm wearing in the above pictures.  I use this when I want my curls to drop a bit and be looser and when I don't mind my hair having its own natural frizz.  I love how big this makes my hair and how effortless the curls and waves look.  To get the above look I just sprayed this on my wet hair and then let it dry naturally.  As with all salt sprays you will encounter some frizz as that is the whole point in your hair looking beachy I guess, which is what I love.  What I would say is having used a ton of these sprays this one is so light on my hair and its not sticky at all.  I really like Bumble and Bumbles seas salt spray and this really reminded me of it too.  You can buy it on HQ Hair for £21.00

I hope you liked this little Kerastase haul. I am so happy that I have tried some of their products and I am now a big fan.  I'm off to buy the blow dry cream in bulk for my curls haha.....

Are you a fan of the brand. Let me know what your favourite's are from them?

25 April 2016

Minnetonka Boots


These are my favourite shoes I have ever owned and it sort of blew my mind when I'd realised that I'd never done a post on them before on here.
I bought these maybe 7 or 8 years ago.  I saw them on Sienna Miller when she was going through her boho phase and I knew that I needed them in my life. 
I have worn them non stop and they still look amazing, I think they are the type of shoe that gets better with age.  Also I've worn them in just about every weather condition and they have held up amazingly well without getting stained or marked too.
Apart from them looking so darn pretty my other favourite thing about them is that they are 'THE COMFIEST SHOES IN THE WORLD' yep that was such a bold statement that it deserved caps lock on.  Seriously though, they have these springy padded soles that make you feel like you are walking on a sort of foam.  The suede is so soft that it literally moulds to the shape of your foot.  If you are going anywhere where you will be walking for a while or walking somewhere far and need a comfy shoe you need to have a try of these.
So I was googling around to try and find the cheapest place to link to for you guys to be able to buy these and as you probably know Minnetonka is pretty expensive which is why I wanted to try and link to somewhere that was maybe a couple of pounds cheaper for you all but I've actually stumbled upon the fact that ASOS has most of their Minnetonka styles in the sale which means that right now you can buy these for £33.50 rather than £88, how crazy is that?
I want to add more Minnetonkas to my collection as I'm the biggest fan of the brand so I'm off to check out the sale too and see if I can pick myself up a bargain.
Buy this style on ASOS (P.S. There wasn't many sizes left so go fast but if you want this style and its sold out, Office, Rubber Sole and Urban Outfitters also sell it)

22 April 2016

Book Review - Knights Of The Borrowed Dark by Dave Rudden

Knights Of The Borrowed Dark* by Dave Rudden
"Grey placed his finger in the middle of the shadow.
'What's this?' he asked.
Denizen frowned. 'It's a shadow.'
'No, it isn't,' Grey said. 'It's a door.'

Denizen Hardwick doesn't believe in magic - until he's ambushed by a monster created from shadows and sees it destroyed by a word made of sunlight.
That kind of thing can really change your perspective.
Now Denizen is about to discover that there's a world beyond the one he knows. A world of living darkness where an unseen enemy awaits.
Fortunately for humanity, between us and the shadows stand the Knights of the Borrowed Dark.
Unfortunately for Denizen, he's one of them . . ."

So I never read books like this.  My whole life I have been about things that are real, real stories about real people on TV, books, films etc.  Even when I was little I never liked books or films that weren't full of things that could actually happen in real life compared to being able to fly or become invisible or something.  It's not that I couldn't imagine it or understand it, I just got so bored with it, I was like why would I care about something that isn't real. I know I'm in the small minority, my mum and sisters all love their books and TV shows filled with mythical creatures and wizards galore but I've always sat there and been like 'meh' not for me, where's my Gilmore Girls at, you know haha.  But as I review so much of the same sort of genre on my blog I wanted to try and branch out a bit and start reading a couple of books a year that I never normally would to see how I got on and the first one I have tried is called Knights Of The Borrowed Dark....

All the press releases and early reviews of this books were hyping it up to be the new 'Harry Potter' and I totally get what they mean even though I normally dislike all those comparisons.  I think what they mean though is that its so different and new.  Harry Potter came about when there really wasn't anything else like that on the market and even though this book is in the same genre that's filled with new books every week, it really does feel very different to anything I have read in a long time. 

This book is dark and it's scary, well for me and I guess that isn't saying much haha!  I don't know the definitive age that 'Children's Fiction' is aimed at but I would say somewhere between 8 to 13 or something, right?  I really do think this is an ageless book though, if you have an interest in this sort of genre it won't matter if your 8 or 80 I think you will still really enjoy it.

Even though I don't like things that aren't real, monsters, robots and the like and this book is filled with unreal things (or are they...hmmmm) why I really wanted to try it is I thought the fact that Denizen doesn't believe in any of that stuff either would make it a fun read for me, sort of like me and the main character were both as sceptical as each other going into the story and Denizens heart and story was what really made me enjoy this book the most.  He gave the book a real warmth and made you really root for him.  I'm all about the good guys winning and I liked that this is what the book at its core was about.

I can see why so many people are excited to read this book I think that its going to be a new favourite for so many people.  I actually gave it to my mum after I had read it (who loves this type of book) and she really, really loved it!

This is the first book of a trilogy and if your looking for a present to buy any children, I'm pretty sure this will be the one that everyone will be talking about in the playground in no time so I would get in there fast and gift them this.

If you like dark, mysterious, action packed modern fantasy then this is your dream book.  And it also has a stamp of approval from me,  someone who doesn't like any of that and I still enjoyed it so I hope you really like it if you decide to give it a go too.

Buy it on Wordery for £5.80 and get free delivery.

18 April 2016

Desk Tour


So I thought I would do a little desk tour today on my blog.  Well I say desk tour, I don't have a desk so technically its a chest of drawers tour, but lets be honest that doesn't sound as instagramable right? haha!

So I would describe my room as very shabby vintage bohemian, if that is a thing?  The colour palette in my room is pink, peach, cream and gold.  I love the colours to be very soft and soothing and nothing too bright.  I love little pops of gold and rose gold all over my room too, to sort of set the pastel colours off. 

I love my dresser to look super simple and chic.  My favourite thing for homeware is Kate Spade and when I was re-doing my dresser top I was so sure that I needed to have her acrylic range in my life and I was lucky enough that my sister got me a couple of the pieces for Christmas and its even more stunning in real life.

So I thought the easiest way to do this post would be just to list everything below and give a little bit of info about the item.  I got some things a little while ago so you might not be able to still buy everything....

1.  Kate Spade Letter Tray and Pencil Cup - These are just my favourite things.  They are so beautiful and sturdy and look so chic.  The letter tray has a gold front that has 'Things To Do' embossed on the front and the pencil cup has a matching gold base that says 'Stroke of Genius' embossed on it.  It's these little touches that make the Kate Spade range feel so luxe.  I got mine on Amara but you can buy them in loads of places but they seem to sell out really quickly!

2.  Kate Spade Notepad - The colours in this match the two acrylic pieces above and its just such a beautiful notepad to scribble notes down on.  I've actually done a full post on this last year HERE and I got mine from AskHerFreinds

3.  Kate Spade Yearly Planner - Again I've done a full post on this HERE and you can read all about it and see the space inside it etc.  I had wanted one of these for years and yet again it didn't disappoint.  I can not tell you how useful it has been for me to have this.  I really can't fault anything about any Kate Spade product I own and I can't wait to get my hands on some more of her homeware too.

4.  My perfumes - CK One, CK in2 U, Vanilla body mist from The Body Shop (Post about it HERE) Gucci envy, Vera Wang Princess.

5.  The pens in my pencil cup are the ones I use for all my drawings and doodles.  These are fine liners and they are amazing all with different size nibs and I just find them perfect and they have a really great long lasting ink.  You can buy these ones on Amazon .

6.  This mirror is the newest addition to my dresser.  I wanted something to fit in this space that was a little taller than the rest of the things on it to give it more of a balanced look and as soon as I saw this I fell in love with it.  It just reminds me of a mirror that you would see in a Disney Princess movie, its super cute.  It's made of a metal-looking plastic and is really lightweight too, it also pulls off of the stand so you can use it as a handheld mirror too.  It was only £5.99 on ebay so such a fab price.  You can get it in rose-gold  and silver too I think.  HERE is the link.

7.  The pink glass jar was from B&M, they always have cute little jars like this and this is where I keep all my hair ties, bobbles and kirbys.

8.  The plate is from H&M.  This is actually one of my favourite pieces in my room.  It's so simple and delicate yet so beautiful looking.  It's the most perfect shade of pink and it has a gold trim and an outline in gold of an elephant on it too.  You can take a look at my Instagram where I have more pictures of it.  HERE is the link but it seems to be sold out now unfortunately but it's maybe worth checking out your local store. 

9.  On the plate is just a gold chunky necklace I got from River Island a while ago, some gold rings with aquamarine stones, my Gerard cosmetics liquid lipstick (because it matches my colour theme perfectly) and a aquamarine small stone/crystal.  Another colour that I have a lot of in my room is aquamarine,  its my favourite stone in the world it always has been, I love the whole meaning behind it and I think it goes great with the pinks and gold's too.

10.  The little gold jar with the lid is also from H&M.  It doesn't seem to be online anymore as I got it a little while ago but again maybe check out your store.  Also if you like that sort of style just keep an eye on the website as they seem to bring in similar things like this all the time just maybe with a slightly different shape.  I keep all my bracelets in this one.

11.  The other gold pot is also from H&M and again sorry but it seems to be sold out.  They had listed this as a vase but I knew it would be perfect for keeping my other pens in. 

12.  The pens are coloured thin liners(HERE) and thin felt tips (HERE) both are amazing and like the black pens are such good quality and have lasted me for the longest time.  If you are just buying one pack though I would go for the felt tips, they are the best I've used.

So there you go, that's my desk-not-a-desk tour.  These are some of my favourite posts to read on other blogs as I just love homeware/stationery.

I really hope you've enjoyed the post!

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