22 August 2016

Sleek Lip Gloss Review


I think dark lipstick looks amazing on so many people, so striking and beautiful but on me I've just never found that perfect shade, I always felt they just don't suit my skin colour and make my lips look teeny but finally I've found one that I really love.
I think the difference is the pigment in this colour seems more purple based than red based and I'd never tried one like that before.  On my lips it gives a sort of aubergine/dark deep red colour  depending on which light I'm in. 
I think the reason why I've gotten on so well with this shade is because its a gloss, being glossy it makes my lips look way bigger and every other dark shade made my lips look smaller as that's just naturally what a dark lip shade will do so by this being glossy it totally counterbalanced that.
For being a gloss the colour is very, very pigmented.  I was really shocked by how much colour pay off you get on your lips and you can just layer how ever much you want on to get a darker or lighter colour.
I am so, so happy that I have found a dark lip colour that I love and is super wearable day and night.  I kept the rest of my makeup really simple as you can see in the photos and I think that's the key to working a dark lip during daytime too!
This colour is from Sleek in the shade Phoenix Rising* and its £4.99
P.s. I know a lot of people like to know about what lipsticks/lip glosses smell like as strong smells can be quite off putting.  This one has zero smell, nothing at all and also don't be put off by the glitter you can see in the swatch, there is definitely glitter in it but more to just reflect and give shine rather than look glittery!

17 August 2016

Book Review - For The Love of Mary


For The Love of Mary* by Christopher Meades
"A hilarious coming-of-age novel about the pain of young love, family secrets, and sick ferrets"
Fifteen-year-old Jacob feels almost on the inside: almost smart, almost funny, almost good-looking, almost worthy of falling in love. His sister is too busy dating guys in Whitesnake jackets to notice, and his best friend is occupied with his own painful pubescent crisis. Jacobs mother has just started a curious (and rather un-Christian) holy war with the church across the street, while his father has secretly moved into the garage.
Everything changes when Jacob meets Mary. Jacob thinks Mary is the most beautiful girl in the world. If only Marys father wasn't the minister at the enormous rival church. If only she wasn't dating a youth pastor with pristine white teeth and impeccably trimmed hair. If only Jacob could work up the courage to tell Mary how he feels . . . "

You know when you read a really hyped up book that everyone says is the best thing that you will ever read, it will change your whole life etc etc and you read it and you like 'um what was that'. Because I do so many reviews for my blog I feel that happens to me a lot (I try really hard not to put negative reviews up here so don't normally include them) but then once in a while a little gem comes along that you've never heard a word about, never read a review about it and it just blows your mind and that's exactly what 'For The Love Of Mary Did' to me.

I'd never heard anything about this book before I started reading it but the blurb caught my attention straight away and I knew it sounded like a book I would probably love but at the point when I was about to start reading this I had read about 3 books in a row that I was so unbelievably disappointed by, and I sort of thought ah I don't know if I can take starting another book and it being bad, I was in a total reading slump but as soon as I pushed through and gave this a shot it completely got me out of my reading hole.

It is such a funny book, like laugh out loud funny, which fiction books rarely make me do.  I honestly can not praise this enough, it was sweet and weird and crazy and I just loved it so much.

The other thing is that it felt real, really real.  If you grew up in a small town like me and like Jacob you will know of all the craziness that can go on that people would think you made up because its so random and ridiculous but that's what happens in so many little towns and villages and I think this book captured that so perfectly.  That's what the story is at its heart.  It's a really close knit small community of people just living their normal lives which happen to be not actually so normal to anyone who doesn't live there.

You will be rooting so much for Jacob, he is an amazing lead character and Jacob's mum made me laugh so much, she was hilarious.

I've never read anything by this author before but he writes with so much warmth and humour and with so much heart too.  I have read so many similar books of this genre lately and this stands head and shoulders above them all, the author is just crazy good and I need to check out what else he has written as his style and writing is just really impressive.  Definitely someone to look out for in the future too.

If you like any of the movies that I love, sort of little quirky indie movies or even films like (500) days of summer or any Cameron crowe film then this book needs to be in your life it has that exact feel those movies have. 

If like me you had never heard anything about this book before then I definitely would encourage you to take a chance on it as its such a lovely, funny read.

You can buy the book from Wordery and get free delivery on your order.
And you can also download the ebook on Amazon too.

15 August 2016

Yellow Jacket



Choker – ASOS
Top – ASOS
Jeans – New Look
Boots – ASOS (In the sale still)
Jacket* – Trespass

So who knew photographing a bright yellow jacket would be so hard.  It seems to be looking a little neon in these pictures which it definitely isn’t in real life.  Its super bright but not hurts-your-eyes type bright if you know what I mean haha!

A little while ago the awesome people over at Trespass got in touch with me to see if I would like to try any of their products and as soon as I saw this jacket I knew I had to have it in my life.  I have wanted a yellow jacket for so long; I think there is something so nice about wearing a mass pop of colour in winter.  So even though we are still currently in summer (though it really doesn’t feel like it) I took the opportunity that a really dull, grey and rainy day gave me last week to take some photos of me wearing this as I thought it would look a little weird me rocking it on a sunny day!  Although as you can tell I'm actually squinting in most of the photos as it got so bright halfway through taking these so, sorry if it looks like I'm sort of giving you a side-eyed glare through your screen haha!

If you not familiar with Trespass, they are a hub of everything you need for being outdoors, clothes, camping gear, festival must haves, anything you can think of, they have it.  So this jacket isn’t just a pretty yellow jacket it's like for professional outdoor types! It's waterproof and has taped seams so that they don’t let in moisture if it’s really wet.  It is longer in length to cover you and keep you nice and warm, it has breathable membrane technology fabric which means that no matter how hot you might get wearing it, you won’t sweat in it.

I’ve never had a high-tech sort of jacket like this before with all its fancy fabrics, I sort of feel like I could probably climb a mountain in it which I will never do but I guess it’s always nice to have a jacket in case the event of mountain climbing ever arises in my life haha!  For me I will be wearing this all through our crazy, cold winters here in Scotland and it will be such a nice change wearing something that looks like this rather than a big ole' parka which is what I normally have to wear on super cold days here!

I paired it with an all black outfit as I love the contrast of the colours.  I am still majorly in love with this belt from ASOS that i'm wearing in the photos, I can’t get enough of it and I have well and truly jumped on the choker bandwagon and bought this little black velvet beauty from ASOS too!

You can but this jacket from Trespass and it’s actually now in the sale too, which is a bonus, yah!

12 August 2016

What it's like to be an author...


I know a lot of you who read my blog love books as much as I do and one of the things I love to read is the sort of 'behind the scences' of some of my favourite books.  You know like when DVDs used to always come with like 4 hours of 'bonus material' and everyone would always be like , 'who would watch that' well me, I was that person.  I've always loved a behind the scenes look at things and I love when authors give us a little peek inside there world.  So today I'm really exciting to be giving you just that.  The author Cassandra O'Leary, who wrote the book above 'Girl on a Plane'  has wrote a post for my blog telling us what it feels like when your a writer and people ask you how the writings going, it's funny and I hope you enjoy it.

Keep an eye out for a review of 'Girl on a Plane' coming soon.
Cassandra take it away...

10 real answers to the question: How is the writing going?


One of the most common things people ask if you’re ‘come out’ as an aspiring writer, is “How is the writing going?” They are generally trying to be friendly or chatty, I understand. Really, I do.

So why does it feel like the questioner is prying, trying to access the murky depths of wobbly writerly weirdness that is the mind? Or my mind, at least. I only ask because I’ve been asked the question about eleventy billion times.

The polite and reasonable answer is, “Good!” – even if it’s not entirely true. Even the most polite questioners usually have no idea of receiving an honest answer.

But I’m going to attempt it now. Are you ready? Good. Here’s my list of ten possible real answers to the question about how my writing is going.

10 real answers to the pesky writing question (instead of “Good!”)

  1. I’m writing like an absolute machine. Seriously, it reads like a robot has written it.
  2. I’m up to draft number seven and I’m not sure of the main character’s name yet. She won’t ‘speak’ to me. I think she hates me.
  3. There’s some sort of theme underlying all the references to cupcakes and coffee in my manuscript, but I can’t work it out. I’ll just go for a coffee break...and maybe buy a cupcake.
  4. My kids are demanding things like food and clean clothes and that I actually respond to them when they speak. How is a writer supposed to concentrate in such circumstances, let alone write a sexy scene? (Secret tip: ABC for Kids on TV is awesome)
  5. Well, let’s see. I have a half written scene open on my laptop, which I stare at and then read some Facebook posts. Then I look up exotic locations on Google Maps and imagine my characters there. Then I close the laptop.
  6. It’s all flowing at the moment, it’s like magic. Don’t talk about it or you might jinx it.
  7. There’s this half-written manuscript on my laptop that’s annoying me, because I just realised where the bad guy’s drugs are hidden. I haven’t been working on the story for over a year, and I have another manuscript to finish right now. Weird.
  8. I wrote for two hours and I think I have one good sentence. That’s okay, I’m counting that as winning.
  9. Coffee. I need coffee. Someone bring me coffee.
  10. I think this is alright. I just read over the earlier chapters and they are even interesting. Kind of. A bit of editing and it should polish up nicely. AAAARRRRGGGH! Editing! Don’t even talk about it.
    Oh, and one more bonus answer before I go.
    11.  I’m scared to open my manuscript right now. I wrote a blog post instead.

P.s You can buy Girl on a Plane eBook for 99p on Amazon right now!

10 August 2016

Urbanista San Francisco Headphones


As you guys will know from reading my blog I love music.  And there is nothing worse than listening to your favourite songs through tinny headphones or speakers.  Buying headphones is always something I find a chore as it's been so hit or miss for me in the past.

I used to have a pink pair of Coloud headphones which I loved so much but then all the plastic started flaking off on to my face and hair when I wore them which was so super attractive, so they had to go. Then I bought a couple of cheap ones that just never worked and I have been using these Sony ones for a long time now and I really like them, they are pretty comfy on my head and the sound is good, not as good as the Coloud ones but still nice and they were a really great price too.

So when Urbanista* got in touch to see if I would like to have a play around with their new San Francisco headphones I jumped at the chance.

First off these are just so damn pretty.  They are pink and they have the cutest pattern all down the strands.  The cables are a really strong, shiny plastic and so far have never gotten tangled with me, I don't know if these could ever really tangle as the strand is too tough I think to really twist round itself which is always a bonus right?

The little ear buds are a sort of oval shape and fit in my ear really nice, they are quite big so I don't get that irrational fear that they will fall in my ears and I won't get them out (I know, I know but I did say it was irrational but I am so sure I saw an episode of ER when I was little and this happened hence the fear) they also have a soft type plastic coating on them that makes them feel a little squidgy and nice to wear.

I was really impressed by the quality of the sound, it has a really pure clearness to it and no tin sound at all thankfully.  The bass really booms through these which is always pretty impressive for in ear headphones.

I have been using these now instead of my Sony ones as they are just so small and compact to carry around and also so much more comfy to wear when I'm sunbathing too so they are great for taking on holidays.

I am such a fan of these and am so happy I finally have a pair as I had my eyes on them for so long but was just scared to take the plunge and try them as I didn't know what to expect with the quality but I really, really like them.  Also for the price, you are getting such good quality.

You can buy them on Urbanista for £19 and they come in a whole range of colours.

P.S. Yes that is me listening to my ipod in these pictures and no you haven't travelled back in time to 2001, I just like to keep it vintage ok people....haha!

P.P.S. Yes I also am dressed as an extra from a nineties club classic rave music video in these pictures and no I don't know why either....
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